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Guild question

Do you have to quit a guild before you can search for another? Early on I started my own guild to broaden what I could play. I was interested in looking at some other guilds, but can’t seem to find where you do that. Is it because I am in my one person guild?

Yes, you can’t be in a guild and view the guilds that have vacancies and sent random invites to you

There’s a guild search somewhere, I think under the guild button but only if you are not in a guild.

It’s under the guild tab. It gives two options: “Join Guild” or “Create Guild” for 25k gold.

Thanks for the replies. So if I decide to leave my one person guild do I just lose everything I put into it? I am level 33 and almost 6 mil into it. And when is the best time to make a move like this? Obviously not during guild week. I have won 14 of my 15 battles so far this week.

Sadly you will lose all of your guild stats that you’ve accumulated if you disband it.

Normally on Sunday’s is the best time to make the transition.

That’s what I thought. :joy:Thanks again.

Are there any Xbox guild leaders out there looking for a recruit? @guzzler96 would make you a great member I believe but sadly I can’t invite him to my guild (pc/mobile).
He has already quit his old guild and I feel terrible about not asking him which platform he played on beforehand. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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@guzzler96 there might be a spot in The Unforgiven for a dedicated player — we’re a big guild family.

Our easiest guild has no requirements (but almost no people, either). I’ll give you the same pitch I give anyone: join it, and I’ll help put some resources in your pocket with an alt or three. Bring buddies, and I’ll drop more. Build the guild to a full roster, and I’ll hand it off—those who do the work deserve the reward :+1:

That guild’s called Les détestables because I haven’t gotten around to renaming it U5 yet.

U4, our next-most beginner-friendly guild, expects 100k gold a week. Pretty full roster most of the time, but always a spot or two available each week as people join, quit, etc… as they pick up the game and/or leave it and/or move to other guilds in the family.

U3 is 500k, with full event participation and such. Don’t know if that’s within reach for you at the moment.

U2 and U1 are (I think) pretty full right now. We move people all the time, though—if you’re an endgamer (I don’t think so? Less than level 100, right?) you’d be able to shuffle in, so something to maybe look forward to.

If none of that sounds good, maybe my friend @ChunkyMono has a spot in Da Raiders? His Zulu outfit, perhaps? If you’re not in Unforgiven, this is the best place to be, I think. For the Horde

I also know @Drax (or @Drax_1O1? Is this the same person? Sorry for the wrong ping, if not) has a big guild family. Might be a spot within — don’t know much about that family, to be honest; I just know it’s large.

If none of that suits you, last place I’d look is the xbox recruitment channel in the following discord server: https://discord.gg/QDakqpH

Good luck! Happy gemming :grin:


I am level 1029 and Titan class 100. Not that new to the game I have just been in the one person guild I started until last night when I failed to ask what platform Krystara’s Keeper’s was on before I disbanded my guild. As of last night I had 6600+ trophies in about 3 months. Two questions:
Are all the Unforgiven guilds XBOXONE platform?
What do I need to search by at the Join a Guild prompt to find them? I searched by Unforgiven and none of what that came back had Unforgiven 1 thru 5. Thanks for the help.

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All of our guilds for which I have purview (the 5 mentioned in my post) are Xbox guilds, yep! We do have two Switch guilds, but since cross-platform isn’t yet a thing we can’t really interact with them much (they have a separate discord), but some of our players participate in both just to have a larger pool of friends!

Easiest way to check out the Xbox side of our family is to check out our discord: https://discord.gg/Vtxt5EJ

There you can meet people, chat, and ask GMs whether they have openings at the moment (guilds won’t show up in the search bar if they’re full, or not open-invite. Since Guild Wars is soon, we’ve probably closed most of our guilds, to make sure no one sandbags us by putting a random alt in that has no intention of participating—not a very nice thing to do, but it’s been known to happen, unfortunately :man_shrugging:)

With an invite code, I can do the legwork for you — I’m sure we’ve got a spot for someone above level 1000 somewhere. It’ll just take a bit longer that way, since I would be playing the role of go-between at that point.

Up to you — just let me know! :smiley:

EDIT: Also! We are * The * Unforgiven, and the numbers are Roman Numeral format (II, III, IV), so if you’re searching you might need to spell it that way for the game to bring it up :+1:

Thanks I appreciate your help. I have never been in a guild with more than just me so I would have to learn how everything works. I have fought in two Guild Wars though. Of course I only got to fight 5 battles per day since there was only one of me.

Hey, Guzzler. It might help those of us who are offering you invites to know whether you’re looking for XBox/Console Guild or PC/Mobile Guild, since Console and PC/Mobile are not compatible/interchangable.

That being said, if you haven’t found a Guild yet, you’re welcome to join us. Pretty reasonable minimums and requirements:

Age - 18+
Discord & Guild Events Mandatory

750+ Seals/Week
200K+ Gold/Week

This is our Discord server if you’ve got Discord and are interested in checking us out:

XBOXONE Platform. I am starting a test tonight to see about how much gold I actually make in a weeks time so I know what I commit to without a problem. I will run this for a week of my normal play and see what I can commit to. I will advise. Thanks to everyone for your consideration.

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Alas, I can’t help you as my Guild is on PC/Mobile, but I do wish you best of luck with this test and project of yours. :smiley:

Thanks for your interest.

Dummy me! Don’t know why I thought I needed to run a week long test. Earned 35,750 gold in two hours. I can extrapolate a projected total by hours played from that.


I’ve pinged our GMs with your invite code. If they have a spot, you might see an invite in your mailbox :slight_smile:

If you don’t see one soon, feel free to reach out again. Things sometimes fall through the cracks in a multinational (re: many timezones represented) guild family

I will. Thanks for all your help. That will be in my in game mailbox? I’m right outside of Birmingham, AL. Where are you located?

Very welcome, Guzzler!