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What about treasure maps?

Let’s take a look at what the game offers (excluding PvP)

*** Suggestion @ end of post***

Quest - You do it once and its done

Challenges - An alright way to get souls in 1 fight, most people won’t re-play a challenge

Now let’s look at the repeated options:

Arena - One of the best ways to get the most amount of souls

Explore - Best way to get rare drops + alright gold

Treasure Maps - You can get great drops if you play a long time in 1 fight. Sure you can get wings but you can also get wings faster with guild task. The good drops here would be better served playing explore mode. So you will play treasure maps because it’s a different mode then anything else in the game, no cards involved. It’s a great way to take a break from the grind, etc.


There has been alot of threads about buffing treasure maps, some even suggested giving 5X rewards for 1 treasure map…

Soo when do most players play Treasure Maps ?

  • When they take a break from PvP basically

And if you could play treasure maps without being on the phone, would you do it ? Of course!

My suggestion is to add a REPEAT option just for treasure maps… You click repeat and walk away.

Once the treasure map is done there is a 3 sec timer before the next treasure map automatically starts (you can touch the screen to stop repeat during that 3 sec).

It’s AI so you will get a crappy score & drop.

Also you must add a leaderboard for HIGH SCORE ONLY and give rewards accordingly, that way the repeat option is NOT affecting the leaderboard and it gives a NEW OBJECTIVE for hardcore treasure mappers. It’s a win-win for any player.

Why is every suggestion for treasure hunt basically a way of discouraging people from actually playing treasure hunt?

@Sirrian, I beg of you, think about removing treasure maps as a resource and making treasure hunt free to play. The maps really distort players’ expectations about the mode. People feel that the rewards aren’t good enough for the time required, but feel compelled to play because they think of the maps as untapped resources they already own, but can’t spend. So we get all these silly suggestions for ways to spend treasure maps faster, or to claim the resources they represent without playing treasure hunt.

Making treasure hunt worth playing would also be nice, but it’s worth considering whether it would be healthy to encourage people to farm them, which is easy but boring.

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Does auto or repeat belong in GoW ? Maybe not but alot of games are successful with it because if you always have GoW open then what happens to your retention rate for players ? It increases.

How can you stop or quit a game if you always play?

Auto & repeat is a very addicting feature no matter what game you play.

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Even if it was free to play I still wouldn’t play it and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

I would rather batch maps than have them automated. Take my 168 maps and run once for x168 rewards (which means I’ll be damn sure to pay attention to my moves :grin:). Or cap it to prevent x999 map shenanigans (can batch up to a max of 10, 20, X per run, whatever).

I like the treasure hunt, but compared to any other game activity, it’s simply not worth my time. Batching the maps for scaled-up rewards solves that.

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The thing with removing treasure maps is you open a dam of resources for players to get to that is otherwise blocked by maps. Maps lose value the easier they are to get. Most player which are in poor guilds (like my own) do not have access to maps so easily so they have to use tyi or loop teams to get maps. I want a fast way to get rewards but an auto play feature turns this game into a clicker and where is the fun in that? Treasure hunt has been buffed multiple times over yet the story is always the same. [quote=“illusion, post:1, topic:9815”]
Sure you can get wings but you can also get wings faster with guild task.

This makes no sence to me. Wings are glory and you do not get glory from guild tasks from what i have experienced. Gems are diamonds. People usually stop playing treasure maps when 2 things occur though not exhaustive mind you.

  1. They get too many maps. This is where most of these problems and requests stem from. They have too many and think “if only i could get rid of these quickly” I personally love using maps and can go through at least 100 in a day or more and i know i have done just that before.

  2. They see the maps are other resources they already have but can not use. This is a problem because a treasure map is like pachinko. You can affect the outcome of how much you receive but in the end you can not guarantee much in the end and are at the mercy of rng.

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For Sale or Trade
1k slightly used treasure maps
:stuck_out_tongue: x10

I will take them!