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Benefits of Treasure Maps?

Im sorry if this is a niave or stupid question…

But what are the reasons a mid level player would use maps?
Traitfarming some how?

or would they jus collect resources this way rather than PvP?

Im currently Level 268 and was curious the thoughts of others in the matter of Treasure Maps.


If you are exceptionally good a maps, they can pay a huge bundle of Gems AND Keys! I takes a lot of patience and practice tho…

The value of Treasure Maps declines precipitously as your PvP viability and guild involvement increase (typically in the early 100’s of levels). They don’t ever really become relevant again, just an option for something to do when you want to break the monotony of chasing efficiency. PvP provides a more reliable source of almost all income.

Most end-gamers have thousands of Maps sitting around gathering dust as a result.


Yep, that would be my experience as well, unfortunately. I do like it tho when people post screens of HUGE rewards from Maps.

Oh ok, bcuz im doing them and i feel like im not getting much besides random traits…

How many turns are you able to make it?

More importantly, what are the highest levels and amounts of Chests you typically match?

Best reason to play treasure hunt is that it is not pvp metagame that end gamers complain about.

@NYCUrbanity lower level players can get good resources from maps because the time to do a map compared to doing a pvp battle is about the same. I’m an end-gamer and find that I can do 3 to 4 pvp’s in the same time I can get a map done. Even a low scoring map. Hence the reason for me sitting on ~1750 maps collecting the dust @Lyya spoke about.

Funny thing is - it doesn’t seem like that long ago that I was scrounging for maps to get the resources they can provide. :wink:

I have a low level alt account that I fully intended to farm treasure maps for a while to get up and running. I joined a guild to which I donate about 30k a week and generally accomplishes about level 5 tasks. I farmed maybe 10-20 maps with Tyri. I’ve played about 30-35. I now have a stash of 94, and the account is less than a month old. The account just barely reached level 50, and already I’m feeling like I’m wasting my time. I had a friend start on the same week, got him in my main guild (which has statue bonuses for red/purple/green/blue every week), and he immediately ditched using treasure maps in favor of finishing questlines and PvP, because, in his own words, “they aren’t worth it when I can gain like 3k gold from a PvP”.

The glory is okay I guess, but even my low level account can afford 2-3 troops to get specific arcanes, and I’m barely playing it enough to finish tier 1 in PvP. Part of the problem is lack of armor bonuses for the rewards - even with just lowly Dwarven Armor, getting PvP rewards while advancing my PvP tier were a far better use of the time, unless I was just blindly matching coins to get through them as quickly as possible, which I have a very low tolerance for. With Dragon Armor and once PvP tiers were complete, treasure hunt is already only at a similar level as what PvP is, probably still slightly better, but also mind numbingly boring. And keep in mind this is a level 50, three week old account we are talking about. In my case, the treasure hunts I did do were a necessary evil to get the souls needed to level my initial team, as no soul farm method was available yet and just normal questline enemies were beginning to outscale my team.

A long long time ago, on my main account, I used treasure hunt to farm the glory required to buy 32 mountain arcanes during the Rakshanin event (in combination with PvP, which had a double glory weekly event going, I’m not that crazy), but even that would be a poor use of your time if you can muster any kind of speed with Explore.

Reward wise, as they exist now, maps are really only “good” for very low levels or those in very slow paced guilds, but there is also the matter of personal preference. If you need a few (and I do mean few) spare gems, it is pretty much the only game in town. If you need a bit of spare glory right this second, they can fill that gap too, but this is much less necessary nowadays having another option for getting arcanes. If you have a very high tolerance for it, you can also go for keys, but I’ve generally found this to be more frustration that it is worth. Keep in mind the posted high scores have spent a lot of time both getting good at the mode and playing the single game they posted the screenshot for.

If you enjoy it or need a change of pace, for sure, have at it. But if not, you aren’t missing much by pretending it doesn’t exist.

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This is not a final product on “How to Treasure Maps” yet and I found this very helpful. You can get a lot of Gems, Glory, Glory Keys, and Souls from really successful maps. :smiley:

i see no other reason then entertainment (if it can entertain you that is)

Just have your kid/girlfriend/boyfriend/neighbor/cat who doesn’t play gems play around with maps. Free loot while you do something else.


I need that cat