What about treasure maps...?

Hello beautiful people :heart:

Let me start off with a statement that really splits up the forums for some time now: The Adventure board

On a personal level i have to admit that i really love this new mechanic. Wether it be that the rewards aren’t always as good since they are completely based on RNG. I do like the concept that i can simply use the teams that i want and am not bound by the requirements of “use 3 troops of that particular kingdom”. On that note, even the smaller (bad?) rewards will stack up over time and simply doing the board gives youan acceptable amount of troops killed for your daily gem reward of the board.

The downside of implementing the board is the disappearance of the snotstone weekly events. This was a decent mechanic that allowed mid- lategame players to grind some troops, gems and event keys by collecting certain amount of requirements. The downside of the event by itself: it is a real grind sometime to collect 300 kills of a particular color for example and takes somwhat of a time investment.

For me personally the snotstone event was a great (reoccuring) way to get rid of all my treasure maps. In the late game stages of the game the Treasure maps’ reward is laughable. The only thing that make sit interesting is the Vault Key if you’re lucky enough to even get enough matches to even get it! And with the disappearance of the snotstone event i have absolutely no more reason to even do the treasure maps any more…
The only thing i can debate about is the (minor) traitstone you would get for getting enough matches in a map, but since the maps are simply so boring by nature, i don’t even get myself to do it for the traistones (wich you can get alot better, faster and more specific by simply grinding explore with a fast team and in addition to that this week is sharkweek and every random shark gives you another 500gold for an explore in addition to the chance of treasure gnomes appearing, making fast-grinding explore alot more worthwhile).

A plea to the devs:

Please give us a reason to get rid of treasure maps!
Either make the rewards more worthwhile or give us a snotstone-like event in wich using the treasure maps can be a requirement.

Let me get further into this: let’s say we get an option so sell our stack of maps and we get a minor traitsone for every map. It’s a fast, easy and cheap solution to solve our map-hoarding and even then it’s still more worthwhile to play the maps itself, since the reward for playing a map is better than selling it…

Please devs, give it some thought

I still love you tho :heart: