What about Tournaments!

It would be cool to have tournies! With selectable features, like “No maruarders” or “all teams must be green” etc.

Also having awesome rewards put up by the players, everyone puts in entry fees of gold or souls or glory, and winner take all!


^^ that would actually be pretty cool :wink:

If the organizer could customize very specific options like whether traits or kingdom bonuses were allowed, which troops, troop types or mana types can enter, etc …

For example, would be fun to have a “Wild Plains”, “no traits”, “no kingdoms” type tournament :smiley:


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How exactly would this work though? AI is horrible with most troops and real PvP is 2017 at earliest, if ever.


Therein lies the problem! But think how fun that could be!

I would see it something like the Arena is now, but player controlled tournament options …

Maybe like the “Arena” option is now where you head to a “Town” and there is an option for “Tournament” … a list of player generated tournaments appear (based on a set of options to allow troop choices and entry costs, etc) the entrant pays a fee, winning offense team given 10 points, winning defense team 15 points … maybe give 24 hours notice to “sign up”, at end of “sign up” the entrants are all given an even amount of offense and defense matches … the “tournament” has a 72 hour window for all entrants to complete their rounds …

At the end, the prizes are given out based on points …


What about a customizable area-like-challenge, insteat of a torunament.

The Challenge-editor set
a) all requirements for a team, that want to accept the challenge and
b) create x-teams, wich the challengers have to defeat in a certain order.
The editor might look like the actual team-editor plus the option to set a lvl for each card (higher lvls then 20 are possible)

a) requirements: only constructs and beats allowed
b) there are 10 teams to beat, where team 1 is easy to beat and the difficulty increases continuesly.