Human PvP tournament with real cash prizes

Hello, I was thinking that maybe you could attract more public to your game if somehow you made periodical tournaments where the players face between them instead of the AI and giving cash prizes to the winners.

I don’t know if this has been proposed before or how viable it is but some of us would like to test our teams against human players instead of just the AI algorythm and that kind of prize would be a huge motivation to participate.

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Real PvP (instead of player vs another player’s def team controlled by the AI) will never happen in GoW.

This has stated repeatedly the devs,


on top of what @Graeme said to organize something like that would need approval by 505 games and due to it being a cash prize it would most likely be restricted to people that are 18+ which would exclude a portion of the player base then there the whole possibility of someone losing internet and would lead to a whole bunch of problems and so while good on paper it would end up being more trouble in the long run

You can close the thread mods, the idea was ass but I wanted to propose it anyways. :pensive:

The OP has requested the thread be closed @Lyya

Closed as requested.