Tournament mode


I love the arena mode:

  • you have to adjust you play, coz you havent your top team to fight
  • you can try cards at level 10, b4 you might upgrade your own ones
  • great rewards
  • unfortunatly the list of available cards you can chosse from it very limited
  • no chance to compare my results with other players

So here is my idea for a tournament mode:
preparation phase

  • every player can register (for free or a spec. amount of gold)
  • the tournament is alawys set in one kingdom, so the players know exactly, wich bonuses the player and the opponents will get
  • at ther start of the tournament, every player have to choose 8 cards from a limited pool of cards … only these cards can be used (the hero cant be used!!!)
  • while choosing your cards, you can watch a list a of cards you will be playing against

the tournament:

  • each tournament have a set number of rounds/fights (eg 5-10)
  • b4 each round/fight you see the 4 opponent cards and select your deck out of your 8
  • for each round/fight, each play gets a rating (properly based an number to finish the fight and/or how much cards on your side survived etc)


  • based on your overall-performance each player gets rewards (from gold/souls to specific cards), either compared to other players (Top10, top 50 etc) or specific set milestone-rating (95%, 80%,…)