Mock-up Real PVP 4? Man Tourney

im on tablet. i got image editing app. take this weeks top 8 pvp players (if cant get in touch with 1 of them, use #9 etc…) . using rng website ill randomize who is up against who, who goes first, if gem mastery procs(i guess ill need screenie of their stats), what gems drop, spell % stuff… ouch thats alot of stuff randomize. i could prolly only do one game at a time and who know how long it would take.

is anyone else interested in “hosting” this(maybe i dont have to do it :P)? maybe someone can set up discord for it so everyone can see.

will troop select be secret or reveal one by one to draw suspense? what bout round 2? keep same team or new set? if u were in this tourney, how would u like to progress to finals?

edit: OR 4 man touney with draft picking. only one person can use a troop (duplicate is fine). catan style picking maybe where it goes 1,2,3,4,4,3, etc… 8 man tourney might take too long for me.

Aren’t the devs trying to set this up already? Or was their version where you got your idea?


i heard in a stream vid, that the devs have a few things against real pvp (connection issues and all that). id rather see real pvp where people can read the drops and weigh the risks of their move. so yeah, thats where this idea came from.

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A lot of players do want live pvp. All I can do is wish you good luck since the development team doesn’t seem able to pull it off. For some of the reasons you stated in the above post of course.

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If they ever do pull it off there will be a 500 gem entry fee. Anyone know what top prize would be?

Real PvP seems like an awful idea in this game.
Everyone would use their favourite loop team and whoever the starting board benefited would win more often than not.


Awful ideals seem to be the norm.


probably. unless i put in a loop limit like 4 or 5. im not gonna put a limit in this tourney though.

alrighty! time to get kinda started.

top 4 of last weeks pvp were… Xavarock of Rock$tar, Sabrina of francaise, RBtufugbmFF of Marshal, and Guillermo of DarkWarriors. ill hunt them down eventually or if u know them, ask them if theyre interested in participating in a test pvp battle.

rules for this tourney:

rng will decide who battles who in 1st round
only ONE copy of a weapon/troop allowed in entire tourney (mythic stats)
top player gets first pick, 2nd place goes next, 3rd, 4th, then back to top player pick a weap/troop…
select flag and rearrange troops.
rng decides who goes first.
feel free to loop your opponent to death. ill b the referee and stop the fight after the 10th spell on your same turn maybe? feel free to resign if losing badly.
im doing all the calculations so there WILL be mistakes. dont take the game too seriously, its just a test for fun.
after next screen is posted, please make a move within 10 hours or itll count as forfeit.

notes for next tourney if any: will prolly have a 4 spell cast limit per turn. may randomly give 2 flags to each player b4 picking troops and player must choose 1 of the 2 flags after all 4 troops are picked. future tourneys: if the player that goes first wins 90% of the time, maybe give 2nd player a free enchant or some starting mana.

plan a fail. couldnt get in touch with them via guild/guild/forum

plan b. looking for any 4 people with discord to compete. Discord go to tourney room1. first person gets first pick, etc. :wink: