Krystara Koliseum

Coming to a near you, the Krystara Koliseum will let you watch your chosen teams battle it out for fame and in-game rewards!

(We will be showing this off on stream after GDC… I just wanted to give you guys a little spoiler ahead of Screenshot Saturday on our social media.)



Sounds interesting, pleased to see it will work with consoles as well.

This is an in-game feature & we don’t get to play?

Not an in-game feature, it will be accessible on our website to be watched later. :slight_smile:


Ok,Kool beans,guess i’ll just wait and see.

WOW,thats awesome. :star_struck:

AI vs AI? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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It will be a great way for players to see team builds I guess.


Always wanted to see an AI vs AI for the fun of it when I needed a short break. Bonus points if I could gamble on it lol


Is it the feature sirrian was talking about when we were suppose to do fantasy series?

it’s your dream come true


Um AI versus AI… um why? Should I watch GoW while I play GoW?


Back in the day a lot of players wanted to be able to watch their chosen teams duke it out. Now we can finally bring this to life! (Plus, there will be some rewards, woo! And maybe us being weird and commentating…)


That dream will become a nightmare the first time my team chooses a 3 gem match instead of a 4 gem match.
The rewards would have to be worth revealing my trade secrets.
In other words… if it offers the same as Gnomes… I’m gonna be a hard no on the new spectator sport.

Here’s an outside of the box thought… May sound familiar but I assure you it’s not. On the teams we create… Will there be a way to tell the AI what gems to prioritize?? Like a slider perhaps? :thinking:


I, for one, can not wait to see Goblins vs Goblins. Not even the spectators can get a turn.


After watching endless pit fights in Shadow of War I 100% have no desire for this option in GoW. Something I’ll never use unless the rewards are greater than actually playing and in that case why bother playing :thinking:


I would prefer the development team focus their energies on fixing the numerous bugs and issues with the existing game model instead of creating yet another non-beneficial side event. I also play enough that I have no interest in “watching” the AI make bad decisions with my builds.


I am excited to see the computer play itself. There’s also a drinking game possibility somewhere in it.

I gotta say though the name sort of raises an eye brow. The game has a lot of cool references to ancient lore and stuff, but recently we had Cedric Sparklesack and now Krystara Koliseum. Sometimes alliteration works against you lol

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That Holy Banner is only giving +1 Yellow. *shakes head sadly*



Looks very interesting. Hard challenge to make an AI team that is good against the AI. xD

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