The Future of the GoW Forum Fantasy Series

It can be a joint effort, with @killerman3333’s ideas and @TaliaParks’s management and supervision.

I don’t think letting someone without experience manage the series alone is a good idea. They tried it once, and it didn’t end very well.

That’s something I’m trying to point out :slight_smile:
But you said it better probably :slight_smile:

No offense, killerman, but why would you make that thread the same day Talia states:

Since the series was his project first, he should be the host of it if people want it back.

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the f did i just read @Lyya :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t understand the question.

What if - and this is just hypothetical at the moment - we could stream 2 AI’s playing each other to determine the winner.
Or maybe that’s combined with voting in some way.

Just an idle thought, because we DO have the ability to run AI vs. AI games here.


Sirrian this needs to be a thing, and a minigame in game too. xD


This sounds like the perfect solution.

@Sirrian That would be awesome! But I agree it would need to be paired with popular vote that takes into consideration the PLAYERS argued strategy. Since clearly the AI will not play with the “wit” of a human player.

@TaliaParks This may be the golden ticket you were looking for… a completely objective answer to which team is “stronger” based on dumb AI, paired with which Human players strategy feels “stronger” to the voting base.

I like it! :wink:

Bah humbug, I hate everything.

Note that there’s a significant advantage to the beginner, unless @Sirrian can guarantee starting boards without four+ possibilities.

Also, to make it a bit less luck based, a best of three or best of five makes more sense. Possibly just do two games at a time, each side starts once. If draw, repeat. If not draw, that’s the result.

But it would definitely be supercool.

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Out of curiosity, what type of minigame do people think would actually use two AI players against each other?

I like the idea of playing two matches, so each team has a first turn.
Smart @Kharybdys!

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Some kind of betting minigame where once an hour 2 completely random AI teams are made. Players can then bet X amount of gold prior to the match starting on which of the two teams will win. All the losers betted gold then gets evenly distributed to all winners.

Some kind of cap would have to be put on it like 100,000 or lower so higher gold players just don’t dump all their gold to give to other people. That or a static entry bet, like 10,000.


In-game betting? Tacet you dirty man.


Sounds perfect for our new Pirate Kingdom! :wink:

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Something tells me that would be so popular, it’s the only thing everyone would do. Betting is an addiction!

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That is why it is only every hour (and so bad AI teams have time to finish).

The high stakes can be removed simply by having something like a static 10,000 bet with no other option. Would also make resource distribution a lot easier too.

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I think it would HAVE to have a limit. For all of the obvious reasons.
But yes, yes, and yes… I would do this…all the time…
Every hour on the hour…
When is the next damn match going live!!!

… Maybe I have a problem…?? :wink:

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Love the idea!
Has anyone made a featured suggestion of this? You should have the honors of making one.