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Message from The Commish about the Fantasy Series return

So I see interest has picked up for a return of the Fantasy Series!

There are a few pressing issues at the moment that I would like to address

##Authority and Killerman

@killerman3333 has started an application thread. A few months ago, he had asked me for my “blessing” in continuing the Fantasy Series himself. It was “dead” at the time and I don’t own any rights to the game, so I told him to “do what you want”, expecting nothing would transpire, which nothing ever did.

If this is to continue to the point where we hold another round of the Fantasy Series, I will run it. There is a lot of details behind the scenes and even my long-term assistant had major issues running a round.

@killerman3333 Because of your dedication and the work you put in, I want to invite you on as my assistant. We will work together on the Guidelines for a future Round and you will help me manage the Draft and enforce the Guidelines we set, same job as @Shiratori had.

##Development Support

@Sirrian One step to continuing the Fantasy Series was to check if Development would support it still. Am I safe to assume that you do?

The offer of streaming AI vs. AI matchups is exciting. We would have to do a match with each team going first and I will have to decide if the battles are weighted, how much, or if at all.

Community voting is important, I believe the Fantasy Series helps increase Forum membership, increases morale and sparks important discussions about Troops, strategy and game mechanics.

##Team Building

I realize the Draft took a lot of time, time that not everyone has.

A potential future Round will feature a streamlined way to select Teams that will significantly reduce the time of the Series overall as well as the time a Participant will need to dedicate.

Hopefully this increases the availability of prospective Participants.


At this time, nothing is organized to the point of taking official applications. Anyone expressing interest will be contacted first when we do start taking applications


Interesting. I’d like to participate. I think I haven’t played this game yet when there was one.

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So nice to have the Commish back!! :wink:

Count me in for the future contact!

Can’t wait!


I’d definitely do it again. :slight_smile:

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I’d definitely love to try this

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No, i’m not interested in signing up. Thanks for asking.

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Great! I’d love to participate.

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Thanks for bringing it back, Talia. Can’t wait. :smile_cat:


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Ok im interested if you are doing the organization :slight_smile:


This is one of the biggest reasons I stopped at one, improving that would be excellent. Not that its enough to get me, just saying…

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I wasn’t around for this last time, but it looks interesting. I suppose I’m on board.

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As always, The Commish is open to community suggestions on how to run the Series.

I am interested in your thoughts on to improve.

I think the other parts I disliked were how people just yammered on about their teams forever - and people had skewed perceptions on things like Gorgotha and Bone Dragon… I don’t see ways around that though.

@Shimrra They way you deal with that is vote. If somebody is inaccurate about how a troop functions then their argument is weak/flawed and you should vote the other team. Your victory comes when they lose. :wink:

As someone that was a spectator of the old Series, I know what Shimrra is talking about. People have a general belief about certain troops that sometimes skews the vote. It was pretty obvious when you watched the voting trends over a few different iterations of the Series.

However, I think this problem could be mostly solved if Talia uses a final decision that takes both votes and AI vs AI wins into account. That should balance out biases based on troops and player popularity well enough.

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The issue there is overcomplication. That plus the aforementioned troops that are stupidly strong for AIs.

The pool of Troops is also a lot bigger, especially powerful Troops.

Gorgotha and Bone Dragon ruled before, now you could have both and still be considered the weaker Team.


Just sharing some love:


Mythics I assume would require more points to draft … I would suggest removing them completely though, most of them are scary enough to beat a drafted team almost alone. Also: ‘Oh no they got Famine, now we need to remove every Yellow/Brown/Green generator’…