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Betting Minigame for Pirate Kingdom

This is a continuation from here:

The new pirate kingdom coming soon would be a perfect place to have a betting minigame.

Once very hour there would be 2 completely random teams that the AI then uses to face each other. A player can choose to place a 10,000 gold bet on either team winning the match prior to the match starting. All winners evenly get the losers gold distributed to their mail and their own 10,000 back. The game will queue the random team that comes next during the matchup that is already taking place, so that allows an hour for betting to take place between every match. All bets are final and cannot be changed, with a notification appearing that says so. No betting for a match that is already taking place can be made. A player doesn’t have to watch the match to win/lose the rewards; placing the bet alone each hour is enough.

Winning X amount of bets could even give some kind of additional reward to make it worth doing. Nothing huge, but in the theme of plundering it could be something like a little bit of extra gold, maps, and a few keys.


I don’t know about gambling but at least its something one could actually bet on, rather than a literal slot machine of the type Sirrian keeps saying will never happen (for all good reasons). I’m still largely against this sort of thing though.

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This game is built on RNG. Every key ever purchased in this game is a gamble. xD


Yes… but its not so obvious as to encourage the behaviour.

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If one AI gets full goblin team and the other AI gets peasant, aziris, peasant, aziris it’s not a bet, it’s an easy guess :stuck_out_tongue:

And we have a Blue Goblin now.

Let that sink in.

They basically just have to use whatever they use for explore, where it thematically “tries” to pick from one kingdom.

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Since you can use real money to buy gold in the game, I wonder if that would effect anything. I know some lines have been crossed recently pertaining to Valve. It’s kind of a blurry area, that I don’t know if they would consider getting into. (the devs)

Just a thought. I’m not savvy on any of the rules. Perhaps we need the devs to comment if this is even possible.

Seems to me they could get away from that entirely, if there were something you can earn strictly in the game and gamble with.

Like some kind of pirate tokens that drop from explore in the new kingdom and treasure hunt. Then you could trade those tokens for gold or whatever the devs thought worthy.

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It could always be a hourly optional vote with no entry fee for it. The winners would get a small prize every correct guess and a slightly larger one every 5 correct guesses, and a much larger one every 30 correct guesses in a mini format of how defends work.


Yeah, I’m also in the apprehensive category for the betting gold aspect. I do like the idea of an AI vs AI mini game but I’m not a fan of adding more of the frequent timed based rewards (the daily and hourly ones we currently have are more than enough, imho) nor direct gambling.

What I’d love to see is something bigger; for example: there could be weekly battles where every player gets to vote on let’s say 1 of 8 random (or Dev created) teams and then those 8 teams battle it out in a bracket. Rewards of some kind then go to players who successfully picked the 1st, 2nd or 3rd place teams.

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RIP tha dreeem :cry: is it a moral or legal standpoint? technically any real life currency spent on this game is worse than gambling, it gets you nothing that is…well real :smiley: now if the slot machine in game had a cash out option to real money another story xD

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You don’t have to spend money on physical objects to gain value from the money spent. If that were true people wouldn’t spend money on vacations, video games, going to the movies, etc.

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I play in a virtual world from time to time that ran into issues with the U.S. government because of ingame gambling. However, the only reason there was an issue was because game tokens could be converted back into real life currency. Once the devs barred any game of chance from being able to give payouts, the issue was solved.

So, I don’t think GoW devs would have an issue since you can’t convert anything in this game back into real life currency.

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What if someone created an account, bought gold, won gold, then re-sold the account?

:thinking: That’s actually a good business venture…

I’m sure an instant ban by the devs of course.

Isn’t selling an account already against the game rules?

Probably, it usually is.

Random curiosity/advice: The “average shaddy” eletronic slot machine has a mechanism that will always makes you lose money or give very poor prizes unless the machine is actually full of coins. In this state it will usually rewards you with a significant amounts of coins, but it will never gives you the full prize. The system is quite simple as the coins falls on a “bowl” that has it’s weight detected and define if it’s full in order to allow the electronic lights to stop on your betting choices. Otherwise it’s programmed to make you waste money and even give some of your coins back to trick you into trying again to lose everything. But the average gambler will still feel kinda ok, probably thinking “Damn, not this time…”

This is not being exposed with the intent to encourage the gambling behavior.

You usually have some chances to get some coins when it's close to the end of the day's expedient of the given stabelishment, like bars or similars, because the machine can be filled with coins, but after the place is closed the owner of it will remove the excess of coins from the machine since no client will be there to see that.

You are usually playing to lose. Always.

So, keep this in mind while you people are on vacation somewhere these machines are present.

Imagine that 1000 people bet on that match, 999 choose goblins and 1 choose the other. That is 10,000,000 in the pool. If the goblins win, 999 split 10M and each get 10,010 gold. But if the other won, that sole person would get a 10M payout!

The prize could be the pool from gold bet on the other side + 20% of your bet :slight_smile: