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The Future of the GoW Forum Fantasy Series

It has been recently brought to my attention that the Forum Fantasy Series is not currently slated to return.
In my infinite ignorance, I assumed that it coming out around the time of March Madness, it would be back about the same time next year.
I just thought it would be nice to have somewhere to discuss whether or not there is a desire to see its return.
In case there is any confusion… I would love to see it return!

For those who do not know, @TaliaParks created a Forum Fantasy Series in which forums members were given an opportunity to draft a team, similar to arena, and then were placed in a bracket to face off against each others teams via forum post. Each Team Member gave their reasons why they would be victorious and then the forum goers voted. Winners moved on to the next round/bracket. The really neat thing was that it was fully supported by the devs and anybody who won received Arcanes of their choice in game. It was very creative and added a lot of friendly competition to the forums.

Feel free to discuss below.
Thanks! :wink:

The logic as I see it comes from this. The old addige of the Golden Rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated, can only exist if there are people that operate on the reciprocate principle: Treat others as they treat you.

Only by having people like @TaliaParks who reflect back what they are given will those other ppl have an opportunity to grow by realizing that their actions have caused this behavior.

I used to be this way, now I try to give everybody the benefit of the doubt and keep it happy. But I certainly understand the logic.

For the record, if people are interested, the Series can return as fast as it stopped.


I think March or just after is a great time, people are still going crazy for BRACKETS and the Forum Fantasy Series fit right in. It was the GoW Bracket! :wink:

I’m all for it, but hopefully others will express their desire to see it return as well.

You will need to explain to me what is it

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Fair enough. My reservation comes from the fact that I haven’t been able to find any instances of people labeling Talia as a troll simply for being male with a female forum nick. I mean, @Eika is in a similar position (many people thought he was female) and when he “came out,” people were all, “cool, bro.”

Maybe if Talia were to cite some vitriol he got as a result of his gender identity, it’d be easier to empathize.


Honestly, I’m over it.

If interest warrants another Fantasy Series, I’ll streamline it.

I second this, it would be good to explain what it is/was so we can have a better informed decision of it returning.

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Yeah, I probably confused some, but when I had the first chance, fairly early. Someone called me a woman or something, I told them I was a man. In my language Eika means ‘The Oak’, which is my nick name. :wink:
Most people here on the boards has always treated me good, so it didnt have an impact on me, nor my minor fame, if we can say it that way. :slight_smile:

EDITED OP to briefly describe the Forum Fantasy Series!


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I’m curious how your nickname came about. Oak is some strong wood.

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It just a short name for my first name + 2ndary name bounded together. I just found it cool. :wink:

Look cool but what happen when someone have more forum friend? I mean if i was fighting against lydia, everyone know her so she will probably get more vote because of that.

and yeah, I am tall as an oak as well… :wink:

It’s all part of the fun. My guild leader @DonBoba won… or did he take second, now I don’t recall, but he of course asked us in Guild Chat to come here and vote for him. Some players actually had to create forum accounts to vote and that is one of the secret bonuses of this whole thing. It is a great way to pull players into the forums. The prize is great of course, but the real fun was in reading all the debate and the fun, gentle trash-talk that accompanied the “battles”.

In the end, is it a bit of a popularity contest, of course, but so is life…:wink:

thanks for the explanations, it is not something i would participate for couples reasons

1- pretty sure is is pc/mobile thing
2- english is not my first language so it will be hard debate with someone who speak english
3- the popularity votes make it unfair

But if the thread comeback i will probably read it just for fun


That’s what it’s all about! :wink:
Thank you for your honesty, too.

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Nothing in stopping you from participating no matter what you play on. Many of the past participants in the series were console players, including the commissioner @TaliaParks himself, so I don’t see an issue there.

Not much need to speak, if you can’t or don’t feel like it. Most of the work is just saying the name of your choice troop then your turn come up.

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  1. Anyone can play, it’s played on the Forum

  2. Debating is not a requirement and sometimes your team speaks for itself

  3. I am trying to figure out a way to prevent popularity voting

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In my first match up I was up against Tacet. He is much much more “popular” than me yet I still won. Popularity doesn’t factor much, good team does, and your way to explain how will your team beat your opponents team.
I would be very interested to see a new series going on because we got so many more new troops, those drafts would be very interesting! :slight_smile: