The 2nd GoW Forum Fantasy Series: Announcement/Registration



I frequent many forums and this is inspired from threads in sports forums. In this thread, users will express interest and a pool of 16 will be chosen.

Teams will be built through a draft;

  • Inspired by Arena, there will be 4 rounds, separated by rarity. Round 1 will be Legendary, 2 will be Epic, 3 will be Ultra Rare, 4 will be Rare/Common. Troops chosen will have all 3 Traits.
  • The draft order will be determined by and will be serpentine (Rounds 1 and 3 will go 1-16, rounds 2 and 4 will go 16-1).
  • For each round, when a Troop has been chosen, they cannot be chosen again.
  • When Teams are built, another random order will be drawn and then banners will be chosen. Again, duplicates will not be allowed.

When the Teams and banners are chosen, the matchups (determined randomly) will proceed like this;

  • Teams will be listed in a head-to-head comparison, a “home” Team will be determined randomly
  • Teams will set their Troop positions, with the “home” Team setting their Troop position second
  • Each matchup will be it’s own poll, with all users being able to vote
  • Vote however you choose, and leave an explanation why if you want

EDIT: To strike a balance between platforms, Troops/Banners from Drifting Sands/Blighted Lands will not be used, but ALL Troops/Banners from the other 20 Kingdoms will be available. A full list can be found in the Wiki (link at the top).

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Just a reminder that this is the place to express interest in participating, not through private messages.


I’m interested :slight_smile:


I’ll have a dip.

I feel like the top 4 picks then the bottom 4 might be better than all in the middle, but maybe I’m wrong given the “bottom 4” are still in the best 16 troops in each category (so the really hopeless cases don’t need drafting at all).


I like drafts. I’m a (ice) hockey fan and participated in a couple of live drafts. This sounds fun. Count me in.


I’m afraid I don’t understand what this is for. I am not familiar with sports forums, so please enlighten me. I get it that teams will be built based on random draws, much like Arena. But what happens next and what do we do with the teams?
And why wouldn’t it be fair to use troops from the last two kingdoms?


It’s a game, run on this forum. 16 of us get to choose a team through a “draft”. Each of us picks one troop in a pre-determined order and in 4 rounds. A troop already chosen can’t be chosen by others. After the draft, there will be 16 teams. The “winner” or “best team” is then determined by the forum members, through matchups and polls. That’s what i did understand.

It’s for fun. Who is able to make the best team? What troop will you select? That tense when it is almost your turn to pick and hoping your fav. troop will not be chosen, etc :wink:



@Royalty’s post below is a great summary. It’s mainly for fun and the majority of work should be on my part. Just a way to keep things a little fresh on the Forums since the majority of threads lately have been about bugs/glitches and full of complaints.

Anything else still not clear/need explaining?


Thanks guys, I got it now. I guess I’ll wait and see how this works once it starts!


Initial interest isn’t huge, so we might do an 8-man tournament so;

  1. We can do this for the people who are interested
  2. Show everyone else how this works, hopefully boosting interest for another Series.


Yeah, it’s basically like an Arena mode Tournament on the forums. One day, when there’s synchronous PvP, maybe we can do this in-game :grin:


Exactly, until we get that we can have this :slight_smile:


What the check sounds fun. Count me in.


I’m in ^-^


Alright, I have 2 slots open for an 8-man Series.

So far I have;



I’m fine with that :slight_smile:


Sorry, misunderstanding. :slight_smile:
I will WAIT and see how this works. So please count me out for the time being. I can hardly find enough time to play the real game.


If you are a regular visitor of the forum it won’t take away much playing time. Most of the work is done by TaliaParks. As a participant you only need to bookmark a few topics and post a few times, but as a regular visitor you are already doing that :wink:


Yeah, I think the only time commitment is the draft itself, then everything else is based on user voting. Just a few forum posts :slight_smile:


That is exactly the plan @Studs