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The 3rd GoW Forum Fantasy Series: Taking Applications for Participation

Well people, it’s that magical time of the month where I start gathering you together and we all play “Duck, Duck, Goose”!

As usual, the start date is the first of the month, specifically Wednesday, June 1st, 2016. The Draft should take about a week at most, so you will need to be active for that first week as much as possible.

There will be fun changes and amendments to the whole game, as there will be every new Series. Rules/Regulations/Guidelines will be posted in the next week.

Prizes confirmed:

1st Place: 8 Arcane Traitstones of a single type, player’s choice
2nd Place: 5 Arcane Traitstones of a single type, player’s choice
3rd Place: 3 Arcane Traitstones of a single type, player’s choice
Participation (not including 1st, 2nd & 3rd): 1 Arcane Traitstone, player’s choice

Automatic Invitations:

@Bobomb - Accepted
@DonBoba - Regretfully Declined
@Machiknight - Accepted
@Studs - Accepted

There are 13 available spots. If demand is high, a lottery will be held.

Commissioner: @TaliaParks
Deputy Commissioner: @Shiratori
Media Manager: @Tacet
Graphic Editor: @yonizaf

How to Apply:

Private Message the Commissioner, or respond in this thread


Love the new profile pic @TaliaParks


Hmm I wonder if a newbie like me can stand up against the titans who have participated so far :open_mouth:


Sure you can @Ozball, everyone has been new at one point or another. If you can build a good team, especially if you like to build “unusual” teams, then the Series is for you!

EDIT: Plus, where else can you get free Arcane(s) of your personal choice? :wink:

Now I want to call you “Commissioner Gordon”. Is that okay?:wink:


I can live with that, I love me some Batman!


Random thought I’ve been meaning to ask for a while now in regards to the series: Hero/Weapons are not up for drafting are they?

I suppose I should mention I’d like to accept the invitation?


There will be a Series in the future where the Hero will play with the same stats, but different, unique weapons (a weapon will only be drafted once).

Excellent, added your confirmation to the OP. Welcome back @Machiknight!

No not yet. There would have to be a discussion about how to handle that.

Or what @TaliaParks said above.

Everyone welcome my Deputy Commissioner to the party, @Shiratori!

Don’t worry, he’s not allowed to participate. :wink:


Like I said, I wanted something less stressful. You know how hard it was to be in trade mode nonstop?

Yup, I’ve been doing Fantasy Drafts for 14 years now. I am forever happy to be the Commissioner and never play!

Well technically the offer stands if you want a freebie and take a break for a month. Way less stress I’m certain


In contrast I’ve been watching Fantasy Drafts for 14 days now (give or take a couple days). I have no idea how stressful it is! :smiley:


It’s only stressful if you are hyper-competitive like @Shiratori and I are.

I hate losing, so, so, so very much.

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So where do we put our hand up?

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You just did? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh sh…! O.O runs

Nah, just kidding :stuck_out_tongue: I’m keen to give this a shot.


i am interested too - but i am blodoy newb as hell :stuck_out_tongue:

but as @Sirrian once made me understand: the last ones could be the first^^

so i will join the next round if possible

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