Video: 2nd Fantasy Series Winner!

Hello everyone! Today I go over the full Khaziel team that ended up winning the 2nd Fantasy Series held on the forum. Machiknight from Match Masters won it all and chose the reward of 8 lava traitstones. This could be you! The 3rd Fantasy Series is currently accepting applicants. All participants get 1 arcane traitstone of choice and 1st place gets as much as 8 arcane traitstones. Console players can participate too! The rewards from the fantasy series can be sent to PS4 and XBox, so all platforms can receive the prizes.

If you are interested in taking part in the next fantasy series, inquire at:

1st Place: @Machiknight - 8 brown/red traitstones
2nd Place: @DonBoba - 5 red/yellow traitstones
3rd Place: @Bobomb - 3 yellow/purple traitstones


And no mention of the second place, that team was very good too :stuck_out_tongue:

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I didn’t want to spend too much time going over 2nd and 3rd place since a recent poll shows high favorability on this forum for videos below 10 minutes. I posted a 30 minute video on my YouTube channel earlier today, but kept it there without posting it on the forum assuming anyone subscribed to the channel wouldn’t mind the increased length.

I’ll make sure to mention it for the next series. I tend to forget to say a lot of things when trying to make the video short. xD

@DonBoba I added you and @Bobomb to both descriptions. :slight_smile:

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Nicely done. You did a really great job showcasing the winner.

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That combo of emperina and gorgoth is a great tank + healer support combo.

Now I feel left out :cry:

Well, you do get 1 just like everyone else. Go ask Nimhain if 4th can have 2. :stuck_out_tongue: