Krystara Koliseum

looks cool to me, something that is simply just for fun. love it!



I think it’s a tournament.
You set your team and register.
You are placed in a bracket.
Then it says « first round start in 2h ».

So you go about your day’s work, check it a few hours later and see that you made round 2!
With an option to « watch the fight »

Lot of old Flash games worked like that, like DinoRPG


I think it’s a cool idea but i would prefer been able to watch my pvp defense replay and see how my team does again real person


I love the idea.
But OMG the Pandora box that will be opened because of this new feature.


Looks stupid. I play a game to PLAY THE GAME…not to watch some ai do it poorly. We already get to do that when doing PvP… We can watch the ai play the enemy team poorly

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Playing with yourself is an activity quite common when people reach puberty.
:man_shrugging: Maybe we shouldn’t be watching at all and just give the A.I some privacy.


I think this is just a passive, fun mode. You subscribe your team online in morning and see results when you get home later.
Just a spicy extra, this is not intended to replace your game time.

Seems alright. Honestly read the forums and social pages a lot. And don’t recall ‘many people’ suggesting this as a feature. I do however know there are other things collectively asked for that have yet made it to life. So it makes me consider that only 1 or a few people suggested this and they went with it. While other things that could use attention, and are actively requested, are skipped over. It is what it is.

For example and just a easy thing to amend. Players have been stating that PvP is not PvP for the longest time over PvE. Even though a player builds a deck. Its still a player in the end facing the AI of the player created deck, ie PvE. Yet as simple as it is to change PvP to PvE, it remains as PvP. And there are many people who have mentioned this even on the forums. A search can produce various threads in regards to this subject.

Yet we are made to believe that this was a huge request by the community. Yet I haven’t seen it being as widely mentioned. On forums or the social pages.

Why not finally bring to life the simple text change of PvP to PvE? Its really just a textual change, and often asked for as per a change. For some of us it brings out the OCD when playing a PvE mode stated as PvP.


I remember someone saying they wanted to see what other players were using to beat their defense. And everyone that commented was against such a feature. I’d love this new feature if it didn’t require my builds to be shared with everyone.


@awryan Yes I recall those posts and threads as well. Those were in regards to allowing a player to view the teams that beat them. Not so much to see a AI vs AI system. I guess it was the developers ‘take’ on a submitted request.


I feel the same. But my son would rather watch a bunch of idiots play minecraft or fnaf than play it himself, and sometimes watches i’m assuming tacet play on youtube while in the same room with me playing it on the tv. This seems to be a trend with the younger people today, maybe they’re trying to target that demographic? Or maybe they’re seeing it as a way for us 30+ folks to ease our kids into it. I don’t see myself using this feature, but i’ll absolutely plug in my code so my 6 year old can play around with my troops without burning through my gems or going near my gw defenses.


I stream on ps4 and I always have viewers, makes me wonder why would they watch this and why so long… I guess for ideas?

Maybe @PowerPlay can say why, bc he is one of my most consistent viewers.

Was* until you outted him. Lol

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Lmao, I think he won’t mind, he’s a cool dude and always chats with me.

Looks cute. Not sure it’s the best use of development time, but presumably it was done by different people than those responsible for the actual game.

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Lol… Time efficiency has never been their strong point. We love them despite it.


@awryan Time efficiency or even efficiency. Sometimes think they are coding while drunk, but they usually fix it later. So all good. The only non-fixed items tend to be weird flaws in the artwork, ie wrong perspectives and element placements. We’ll just call it a ‘creative approach’.

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Give me that 3 glory and 9 souls per battle.