Krystara Koliseum


I can’t wait to see the bots written to keep this running all day for passive income.


Just as a general note, we worked on this as a fun thing to do for another stream during the week. Back in the day, we had a Krystara League where people would theorise what teams would win against each other. It was lovely! We decided to take inspiration from that thread and make a mode where players could actively pit their teams against each other for in-game rewards.

Please be aware that working on this never comes before the health of our game, or working on future updates.


Bullsht. How about display issues that others say have been around for more than a year?? ( I haven’t played that long but they have)
Yet I changed my name for ZERO GEMS… only to be charged 200… post a ticket and it’s being treated as if it was an unknown thing… a quick search of the forums shows someone else having the same issue not ever 2 weeks ago.
That’s the way to NOT get someone interested in spending money. If problems are going to PERSIST for a year or more… why bother. You guys certainly don’t.


The best way to get assistance regarding issues is to contact support. If it is the first time our support team has seen an issue they need to start the investigation process. Due to the very demanding nature of their jobs, they do not have the time to be on the forums in a full-time capacity.

Compared to other games our support is very good and only getting better. The often investigate issues, find solutions and are always willing to help players to the best of their abilities.

On the developer side, we have been fixing display issues for a long time. There were previous problems with the aspect ratio on console that we resolved, and when new phones are released it is likely that we will need to make fixes to fit certain screens. (Remember those fun problems with the newest iphone where you couldn’t exit the game? I do, those were fun…) Other issues must often take precedence over display issues, especfially if they involve our servers or more serious bugs.

We are not a huge team and are always triaging issues so as to best help the health of our game. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but we are doing our best.


That explains nothing for why it’s taking over a year to resolve a known issue.
All it points to is greed over problem(bug) solving
How many other people either failed to notice or just didn’t say anything about this exact issue…


Any eta on this yet? I’m interested to see how the AI reacts to the AI. I’m not sure how it’ll be possible. But I’m almost positive that the AI will quit the game because of the AI.
(Yep it’s one of those weeks… the lack of GW only makes the AI to scale more difficult for some guilds rather than others. :crossed_fingers: Next round we won’t be the “unlucky” ones) How it’s more difficult in Bracket 2 than 1?? 🤷🤷


Necro this thread.
Is still happening or was the project cancelled @Saltypatra??


@Saltypatra I too was wondering about this the other day - I assume all quite means its a no go, but you never know…
Any update would be great
Thank you


This is AWESOME! Time to see what munitions I can cook up in my bunker!


We are still cooking this up, we just had to put it on the back-burner.

(Two cooking puns in one go? I’ve truly outdone myself!)


Well-Done! :sunglasses::meat_on_bone::cut_of_meat:


A pun about undercooked meat? That’s rare.


I’m always hungry for more food puns. Reading them is a literal feast for my eyes.



Ahhh, how gordon ramsey makes rock salt.


I don’t really have a steak in this, but the devs have to make 5heir dough somehow. Guess the idea is still baking.