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Live PVP Gems of War

Hello everybody,

I am willing to play your actual Gems of War team Live. Yes Live… either by posting a video or doing an actual live stream.

I know I’m old and might not be that strong, but at least you will be able to see your best Troop Team in action vs. a live person. This will give you
the opportunity to make the necessary adjustments to your team or realize your team is perfect the way it is.

Who’s ready??

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I’m not sure why you are asking people for their invite codes? :confused:

The only way to choose to fight battles against (AI controlled) specific player def teams is either by finding them in PvP or possibly seeing them in global chat.

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I always wondered how my team performed in PVP battles against a live person. So, I’m giving that opportunity to people. There isn’t a replay match option in this game. It’s just “Defeated”.
So, I created an innovative and fun way for some to see how their troops would perform.

You aren’t fighting PvP battles against a real person in GoW. The AI controls all their moves.

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That’s my point! Aren’t you curious about the moves that made? I know I am… Wouldn’t you want to see the replay?

I’m out of this conversation. Maybe someone else could explain better how things work :wink:

Seems I am doing a bad job of it. All the best though, happy gemming :smiley:

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How, exactly, are you managing to do this? What technical wizardry have you performed that makes this possible? There’s a reason why there is no replay feature in this game. Maybe if you think about it you’ll figure it out.

The video makes it fairly self-explanatory, tbh (it’s a minute), and I only watched ~15 seconds with the sound off. If you go to invite someone to your guild through the Guild Admin > Recruit > Invite button, you enter their invite code and their player profile pops up, allowing you to press Recruit – and also ‘Fight’, I’m assuming.

How you hope your defence performs, and how it actually does, based on the moves chosen by the AI, is useful knowledge, and I don’t think I’m the only one who would be familiar with players in Guild or Global chat asking for others to test their defence.

Watching someone else play against your defence might help someone realise that choosing The Gray King isn’t as effective as they might have hoped, since it might not choose the right colour gems to destroy.

I’m still in a GW bracket with non-fully-participating Guilds, so we don’t actually get a lot of quantitative feedback on our defences (which sucks). I don’t think it takes that huge of a leap of imagination to consider that someone might want some insight into how their defence performs, and more than just “I beat u haha nub”.

More chill :v::heart:


Jonathan, I’m so happy you understand. You are exactly right. I just didn’t know how to Express myself so articulately. You explained it perfectly.

Thank you.

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Maybe consider renaming the thread something like, “Let’s Go Live: GG tests your Defence!” :slightly_smiling_face:

Not sure what the best category would be, sorry.

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Ok, Yes, I can do that. That’s a good idea. I will rebrand. Would you like to give it a try? I play on the PS4… so I can only do it with some on the PS4.