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Pvp mode improvement idea

following multiple discussions with active french members of the game . we found that, we cannot really see the effectiveness of our defense except att/def. this is why we ask ourselves the following question : why not be able to see the vidéo of our defeat/victory in order to be able to refine our defense ?
would that be possible and is it a good idea ?
i have a lots of ideas in my mind but i have to tweak them first.

good game everyone. unikjambyste (sorry for the mistakes,i’m french, i used the translator )

might be hard to see, as game just doen’t store all fight data

battles are done, when active player (attacker) does his moves and he is the only one, who gets the whole data generated,
only the results are saved (winner/loser, number of souls/gold gained)
try this topic:

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Sytro, I have created a way to test your team. YouTube.com/c/GrannyGems

I will put in your invite code live or private and record your team. I will be the real person to play against your team. Let me know if you are interested.

Hello sytro, It’s a good idea live, is there a streamer who does it on pc/mobile?

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Not sure if there is. At least haven’t showed up yet.
As im playing almost exclusively on mobile(and quite old one too) i can’t do such thing either.

Nope it was my original idea…

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If people want, they can email me their PVP videos from other gaming systems and I can post it on YouTube for everyone to see. Since I’m slowly getting established.