Gauntlet idea

I have an idea (its similar to a delve) where you make a team and that team goes through an onslaught of nonstop battles just to see how far you can make it in the gauntlet. And its like a delve on the wat that the troops you pick cannot be changed and carry over to the next battle. The only differences there are is the fact that the battles are endless and there arent massive rewards and you would also have to pay like 1000 gold to play. Maybe like 100 gold per battle completed. And i was thinking if you could find a way to make the troops that you fight completely random that way players couldnt plan ahead to fight specific types. And also the battles would get progressively harder as you make your way through battles. Well thats my idea and i would love to see it in gameplay.

just repeat the shitty arena

Arena is only shitty to people who suck at the game and over rely on their stats, someone elses teams, op troops, or their wallet. Rewards are crappy tho. Get gud