Advanced arena idea i had

Hi devs and everybody, i just firstly wanted to say im a huge fan of the game. I have been playing it on and off since it lanched and i am loving where it has come and i am exited for the future.

I just wanted to put forward an idea that i had while doing an arena run for the campaign mode (fun idea btw). I really like how you have balanced arena these days with the choice of card picks and re-rolls. I think its a great game mode for new and intermediate players, in terms of new players being able to try out new troops and learn new combos. For intermediate players it offers a good source of souls for being able to get 6 wins, before that player has a good soul farm team. However for veteran players that have a good way to farm souls or can easily do delves there isnt a whole lot of reason to play it other then being bored or have to do a run for a campign task. Also as a vet and knowing what works and dosnt i find it pretty easy to get to 6 wins as it is.

So here is my idea, I think it would be really cool to see an advanced version of the arena. Where the troops are balanced at there max level, mythic accention and have all there traits avalible. I think this would be a great way to see how good certain troops are at max level and introduce the concept of trait combos to newer players.

Another cool thing this advanced area could have to set its self apart is the card choices could be a base ledgendairy toop insted of a common. So the picks would be a ledgendairy, a epic, a rare and an uncommon, all maxed out. This way players can see some of the cool ledgendairy troops in the game the my not have access to yet.(give them a taste but keep them wanting you know lol)

Now that you have the concept of the advanced arena, i have a few ideas about how to access it and some possible rewards and such. First of all i think could be a great way to give all players some cool rewards like 1-3 wins mabie a few gem keys, 4 wins also gets you 50 gems or somthing, 5 wins also gives you a vault key and 6 wins gives you a chaos orb if you can get there or somthing like that. Obviously all these cool rewards would have to be somwhat scarse otherwise it wouldnt be special so i have 2 ideas on how you can do an advanced arena, 1. It is an event that pops up once or twice a month and mabie you can spend some gems in the shop for some extra runs or somthing. 2. You make it a drop like a Vault key that you can get from high level delve chests, events, mythstone chest drops, PVP and possible to get as a 6 win drop from normal arenas (at a slightly higher drop rate then the rest). All these chances are at a similar drop chance to the way vault keys work at the moment, so that way when you get to do one its kind of special and fun. ( 1 mabie 2 a week on average for most players, unless somone gets lucky lol)

Personally i like option number 2 that would give me and other players a reason to play arena more often and still give all players a small chance to get an advanced arena key for doing other activitys as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read to the end of this idea, i just think it would be cool and i hope you do too.

Yours gracefully

A massive fan of the game
King Fartsplat

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