What about the sense of the Chamber?

Make sense of the chamber units. There is no more worthless unit in play than the Chamber unit. They don’t give a bonus or improve the game anywhere. So what are they there for? In general, the chamber has no value. It would make sense if chamber units, specifically gnomes, increased bonuses on their appearance in the game. That would make sense. So all these units just clutter up the unit list.

Indeed they are not real Kingdoms (i.e. no Questline, Banner, Explore runs, Faction or associated Events) but that is kind of the point: they are an intentional exception to the usual rules, but that doesn’t make them strictly useless in battle:

  • Treasure Troops exist mainly to upgrade your Faction Hoard with because in battle, all they can do is generate Gold. That’s it. Which can be useful in some gold-based teams or serve as fodder for ally-killing spells (Black Beast, Princess Elspeth, Vash’Dagon) but there are often better options.

  • Gnomes typically have a 30% chance to “Run Away”. This has some utility to open up a summon slot without requiring a Troop death – e.g. won’t ruin a “No Deaths” faction delve. Demon Gnome packs a single-use guaranteed kill if you can generate the Mana for it, and Cedric Sparklesack is actually a good summoner (especially vs. Zuul’Goth, though you can’t use him in Raid Boss events).

  • Seasonal Imps (Primal) are mostly for bragging rights, but are at least better than Treasure Troops.

  • Xathenos and the Four Horsemen (Apocalypse) are Mythic troops in their own right (nobody forgets that final battle in Sin of Maraj’s questline) and they do not(?) drop from ordinary Chests, you have to specifically craft them in the Soulforge.

Xathenos only is soulforge exclusive.

The others drop from chests (gem, glory, vip). But there are never event chests for apocalypse bc there are no apocalypse events. War was the very first mythic ever released, long ago, in a very different game.