Trying to find a way to win missing troops

I really like the game, been playing for over a year now, but I would really appreciate it if you could please give back being able to win troops in the treasure room.
There are over 64 that I am still missing and even though I am trying hard to make them, they never seem to be available when I have all of the things I need to do so.
If not maybe have a way for people to win them besides having a ton of keys, to try to be lucky enough to win them.
Maybe a special dungeon to work for the ones people are missing.

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If you are talking mythics, not going to happen. I would like it, but it won’t happen.
Mythics are meant to be acquired by spending a ton of keys money, or patiently gathering diamonds to craft them.
I think there are less than 64 mythics though, so I’m curious what those others are.

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All troops are available at least 3 ways:

  • Soulforge - check it every Monday for necessary troops and try to get them; from Common to Epic - with jewels, Legendary and Mythic - with diamonds;
  • Gem chests - troops from Ultra-Rare to Mythic may come;
  • Glory chests - troops from Common to Mythic may come.

I’d recommend to make good economics, which will give you much Glory in tribute, and then you’ll be able to spend Glory for opening Glory chests. What is good economics? High chances for tribute. They usually come together with high tribute rewards.

Excluding zuul, xathenos (forge only), dooms, valraven, and gnomes…

I believe the TC meant usual troops, that were available through Glory packs and events. Eventually you get them all, if you play long enough. My last buy in Soulforge was Black Bjorn - I hadn’t developed it to Mythic during Invasion for Urska, so I spent some jewels.

Fortunately dooms, ravens and gnomes (except Cedric) have no combat value. Some of those can contribute to kingdom levels though.
If you want to be pedantic you should also include faction troops and treasures :wink: