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Looking for ways to get different troops

I am getting frusterated that I am not able to get different troops I keep getting the same ones others seem to have several legendary I have gotten early in the game. I love this game just wanting to be able to get different troops. Heck my husband has completed the entire map and all the challenges and now is working on PVP and the Guild but still not getting different troops either.

Unfortunately, once you have gotten your free epics from kingdom questlines (some are decent, most are quite terrible), other than waiting for specific event weeks and using event chests to fill out old missing troops (and now, occasionally new ones as well), you are completely at the whim of the RNG as to which troops you’ll get, especially legendaries. I myself had a few legendaries at between 10 and 12 copies before I received a single copy of my last legendary. In addition, I’ve gotten certain troops (Goblin King) only from event keys and not during the other tens of thousands of glory keys, several hundred gem keys, and couple hundred VIP chests I’ve opened during the course of playing the game.

Since their free-to-play model is pretty much predicated on this false rarity, I don’t see this changing anytime soon, but I would really rather they introduced some subscription based pay features so we could have a better model for obtaining troops, especially since each one released into the general drop pool makes every other individual one rarer by proxy.

Yeah. Event keys, glory rewards, and real-world money are the only ways to target specific troops. Otherwise, you roll the dice and see what you get.

It’s been a long time since I was in “early game,” but I specifically remember trying to make viable teams out of what I had, and that being a large part of the game’s appeal. Where I’m at now, we’re all jaded and cynical and battle each other with clones of each others’ armies. When we hit that mid-life crisis (boredom) all we’ve got to remind us of our youth is Arena, which is fun but doesn’t mix progression into the evolving adaptive strategy of deckbuilding.

I guess what I’m saying is, enjoy the game for what it is while you are where you are. :wink:


Joining a active guild will really boost the number of troops and helps to ascend others. I was stuck in a “dead” guild and joining other one just change my game: mythic troops, troop ascend to mythic and stuff.

I echo this. It’s more fun when you’re levelling and haven’t obtained all the troops (let’s call this mid-game) then when you’re at level 1000 and have pretty much everything, though not all fully mythic and/or traited (let’s call this end-game).

Even though this may not seem so at the moment, mid-game trumps end-game every day of the week. The feeling of pulling the next legendary that you’re missing is worth savouring.