Option to target specific Mythics and Commons/Rares?

We are able to hunt for Legendaries we are missing, right?
This is very handy, I can wait for a specific week and get my hands on/ascend to Mythic the troops I want to (including Ultra-Rare and Epic). Speaking of which, I’d like a feature that allows us to hunt for specific Common and Rare cards.
This week I was hunting for Marilith and Swamplash, Epics from Mist of Scales, and had a lot of pleasure finally seeing every troop from that kingdom up to Mythic (check this out)

However, in order to ascend the last two Common and Rare troops, I will need to open 100’000 gold chests, I suppose? This is so discouraging… A little perfectionist inside me is very unhappy about that.

Really, every troop is fully traited, everything is fully ascended and fully leveled but for these two troops. I’m so unhappy with that =(

So, I hereby request:
1a) A feature to hunt for event kingdom’s Common and Rare troops. Event gold keys, maybe?
1b) Increase number of Common and Rare troops in Glory rewards chests from 3 to 6 and from 2 to 3 respectively.
Right now fully ascending a Common troop requires 19000 (!) Glory. This is too much. For Rare troop it’s 13500 Glory, UR requires 12000, Epic is 6000.

I’m ok with UR and Epics since they also can be pulled from Event chests, but spending 19000 Glory for a Common is too much. If we make it 6 copies per Reward chest, it would be 9500 Glory instead.

  1. A feature to hunt for specific Mythics. We have a chance to hunt for Legendaries, why not do the same with Mythics? Yes, we can hunt for Mythics from Event keys, but:
    a) Apocalypse Mythics can’t be pulled this way.
    b) This only applies to Event keys, so if you have all your troops from current kingdom up to Mythic, it’s basically a waste of keys. I spent 600 of them hunting for Pharos last week to only realize how uneconomical it was.
    When I spend Gem/Glory/VIP keys, at least there is some positive outcome - troops from other kingdoms get ascended.
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The devs have announced that they are working on a crafting system which will allow players to craft specific troop cards and hero weapons. At this point, they haven’t provided any details at all, but a possible solution is coming. Most players have focused on using this crafting system to obtain Mythics that they are missing, but I believe (with no basis whatsoever) that it will also be usable to craft lower rarity cards to do just what you are talking about.


Any info on when this crafting system is coming?

Soon (version 3.1, according to Sirrian)


I think it’s a very good point that it costs so much glory to mythic a common troop compared to an epic when you buy the glory packs.

@netwizard please add a Tl;dr to your OP

@brandonwiker commons are obtained from gold keys that you should get like 1000 per week without spending gold

You peobably shouldnt ascend commons to mythic by buying them in glory packs

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Considering Guild Wars just released and the developers are actively working on fixing the issues with Guild Wars now. ‘Next’ might set the OP expectations correctly.

Unless ‘soon’ was a joke. In that case never mind.


I think @Grundulum forgot the ™ part of Soon™ :stuck_out_tongue:


It is SOON™

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@Grundulum, I always just hold alt then type 0153 on the number pad. ™. There might be other ways to do it.

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Hope there are, 'cause my phone doesn’t have any Alt keys. :stuck_out_tongue:


<sup tag will do it. (close with a </sup)
Make sure you add a > at the end of each tag.

you can also use sub for subscript.

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Edit: armed with this new power, @netwizard, I can say that crafting has been promised SoonTM. :slight_smile:

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There’s a smiley for it.