Where can I find specific troops?

I’m level ~50, and I spent 2000 glory on chests and got lucky with a “Dragon Soul” troop. I filled my other slots with some minor dragons and my hero (the hero is more of a tank, the hp is good for soaking up damage).

Now that I have Dragon Soul, I’ve read on the forums some other troops that would make a very good team with it. How do I get those/What’s the best way to farm for them, explore/pvp or what? (considering I can’t spend money on the game).

I have lots of junk troops, but most of my rare and supposedly better troops are still shit.

I need things like Boralis
Dragon soul


Dragon soul

Unless it’s the epic storyline character in the quest, the only way to get troops is through chests. Rare and common are in gold chests, rare and above in glory, ultra-rare and above in gems. Same for guild chests depending on their level. VIP chests are only available of you’ve spent real money on the game.

Are you in an active guild? If not, find one. The resources you get from guild tasks should help you out tremendously.


If you’re playing for free then in all honesty you’re going to struggle for anything top level. It’s all about how many chests you open and as said above gold chests don’t even go above rare troops and you need about 1000 gem chests to get a mythic. Glory probably way more than that. I’ve been playing a little over a month and not got any. Don’t even have that many Legendary.

At this point having reached level 236 I’m stuck with a fairly average set of teams bar the goblins and almost always coming up against mythics every match, particularly dragons - coupled with the crazy AI drops it’s making some games impossible and most others extremely long and boring.

Actually thinking of giving up as the amount you’d have to invest to get a decent mythic team and be competitive is crazy.

Disagree. River is quite correct. Join a good guild - the weekly tasks over a few months will give you a huge amount of keys, way more than a bunch of dollars.


Whilst being in a guild undoubtedly helps to provide extra keys and gems, you’d have to be in one of the top guilds to get a significant amount, which is unlikely for a new player to be invited into. I’ve been in a 2500 ranked guild since a couple days after I started playing and still struggling.
As you say though, it’d still take months and given the massive number of keys/gems required I’d venture to say a year might be realistic to get a full mythic team you might actually want to use.

I understand why it’s designed this way, but I think most people will get bored long before reaching that point.

There are some very good guilds that take lower levels

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You need to be aiming much higher than 2500 for a good guild if getting guild rewards is what you are looking for.
Keep an eye on the forums guild recruitment threads - if you enjoy the game and play regularly you will want to move up guilds as your level/ability to meet requirements develops (or until you find a guild you really like)

Given that the forums only represents a small % of the player base - its a great place to fast track your development.
If you are looking for better cards - make sure you have completed all the quest lines, read the forum posts for beginners to get guidance and check out the various youtube videos (e.g @tacet does great work and include some videos specifically on teams for new players)
At level 50 you are really still just starting out - so enjoy the journey (and pray to RNGesus or whomever you believe in to get some good luck in chest drops!)

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Six or seven tasks of each color, on average, is a good starter mark to aim for. This amounts to a total of 1,440,000 to 2,340,000 total gold donated. While this may sound intimidating, in a full 30 person guild, this is average of 48k to 78k per person, and while that might even sound intimidating, a guild with extremely low contribution minimums of 20-30k will generally hit this unless literally everyone is coasting at the minimum range, or you have non-contributors, or it has very high turn over, because by the time you finish leveling your kingdoms it is trivial to put in ten times that much. The gold keys from the brown task alone refund about 10k to 11k per member and spread among 30 members, the first 5 tasks on brown return more gold than is put in, 6 about even, and 7 only very slightly less.

The key to finding a guild is to not join one of the random open invite ones, but instead talk to an actual person (on the formus, in chat) and get an invite, and find one with close to 30 active members. The less dead weight you are pulling, the better, even if there is huge imbalance between the contributions of the players at the various levels of progression, many people are fine with this as long as everyone is an active contributor in some way. Also, try to avoid guilds that only hit low 2-3 mil mark on total donations but insist on putting it all in one task, as they are only hurting themselves as the tasks have extremely diminishing returns on rewards and the temporary skill bonuses are categorically not worth it if you have to reach this hard, since you are losing a ton of rewards doing so that you will not recoup in extra gold by simply having higher stats for a week.


That’s excellent advice, I wish I had this when I started but figured it out in the end, thankfully.

It does depend on their requirements, higher guilds on the whole have higher minimum requirements which are almost impossible for new people to meet (again, unless they are investing a lot of money).
That could also be a bit catch 22 as being in those guilds probably brings a lot more in that can be re-invested to meet those requirements and remain, if the guild is patient enough.

It does look like I’m outgrowing my guild though as I’ve reached the top of the trophies and seals list already, as much as I’m enjoying learning German…

Let me know if you think you can make our minimums :grin:

Keep in mind that Glory rewards and some guild tasks also award troops directly, but @RiverSong is right, the vast majority will come from chests you open with keys.

Haha thanks, I’ve seen your guild recruitment thread and it looked awesome, but I don’t meet the minimums.

I’ve only failed 1500 seals once and average 250 trophies, complete GW daily and currently building colour teams to max points - But I have no idea how I could get 500k a week to donate which seems a major stumbling block for top guilds.
I think the most I’ve earned in a week is 250k, half of which I invest in getting my kingdoms up so I can donate more.

I guess being a free player and not having been around long I’m not able to bring enough in - Not all kingdoms are level 10, and certainly not got many stars on any of them. Haven’t even finished most campaigns and challenges as PVP tends to bring more money which was my focus until I start soul/trait farming.

No problem. Didn’t hurt to ask :grin: