The Soulforge - Return 10% of resources back when you sacrifice Mythic troops

Here’s an interesting suggestion:

A lot of people have excess Mythic troops that they don’t want or need, example, five copies of the same Mythic troop, but they lack another Mythic troop and the resources to craft it.
This could all be done in the Soulforge with a minor effort or change.

I am proposing that you get at least 10% of your resources back when doing so.

20000 Souls = 2000 Souls
10 Celestial Stones = 1 Celestial Stone
4000 Diamonds = 400 Diamonds

Sacrificed Mythic troop will be consumed in the Soulforge.


Any request that boils down to “give us” never works, taketh away yes.

Well, it’s their call, not ours. They can do whatever they want with their game.
If I don’t like what I am seeing, I won’t support them any longer and stop playing.

Problem solved.

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maybe turn 4 mythic copies you dont want into a mythic you do? :smiley:
for sure everyone can agree a card you need to use thousands of gems/keys or get lucky for isnt only worth the 100 souls or whatever they give to disenchant

I have had a very similar idea in my mind, but it’s too complex to execute due to technical limitations.
This is simply the best option available that’s easy to make.

If it would be up to me, I would give 20% of resources back, but that would never happen, since the interest is only in taking, but almost never in giving you something in return.

That’d **** up the balance badly actually.

Easiest example of why: guild guardians.

Sacrifice all except one of each mythic guardian, get them back multiplied same week. Rinse and repeat every week.
In a 40k seal guild, you’ll get like 10-12k diamonds every week that way.

Result: every 40k seal guild and their mother will have all avalaible mythics after one two months.

Nope. Just nope.

erm guardians are commons though?

That’s an ascended mythic Koromac is talking about base mythics like Death, Famine etc.

Also when it comes to guardians 40k seals don’t matter they drop in all level guild chests.

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The heart of the issue that you’re getting at I believe is the duplicate mythics that we pull from gem keys / glory keys / event keys / guild keys / VIP keys.

Hearthstone implemented their equivalent of “you can’t pull a duplicate mythic (legendary in their game) until you have them all”. This was extremely well received by the community.

It really really sucks to pull a duplicate mythic considering how rare they are. And new players are going to fall that much further behind each month. That could be a massive deterrent from keeping new blood into this game. Now, I think players don’t really understand how hard it is to get the good mythics (AW, Uba, Irongut, etc) until they’re about 3 months into the game and mid-power.

So either we need to fix this “getting duplicate mythics” or introduce some sort of exchange like you mentioned, turn in your duplicate Megavore or Gargantaur for some amount of diamonds. I think 400 honestly is too low, maybe 1000 is more like it.

Another option to help catch-up mechanics is to lower the cost on older legendaries and mythics in the soulforge. Maybe 2+ year old mythics only cost 2000 diamonds, and 2+ year old legendaries only cost 400 diamonds.