Mythic exchange

Please Devs give us an option in soulforge, to swap 5 mythics for one we don’t have.

You could even make it ,so we can swap 5 for one that’s in the soulforge.

Spent 900. Event keys today to get gobmother.
Instead got duplicate . Irongut and Oni.

Just give us something that’s for us. A 5 for 1 exchange is reasonable.

Or maybe they can put a Marketplace where we can sell for gems or trade duplicate Mythics. Y’know players helping each other out and all that. Ofc there would have to be a price cap, but still…

It is not. The mythics have such huge differences so not even a 10:1 exchange rate would be “fair”.

Instead you should go on and blame the rng that the devs love so damn much.

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No because that would make me like everyone else on the forum.

I play this game after reading the ring rules. So I don’t complain.

My post is a suggestion :joy:

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I posted this one earlier this year.
Doesn’t seem like a concept, the developers would want to include.

Yesterday I spent 1200 green keys and 0 myths, rng is killing me from the word at all, so rejoice at all that the myths fell out

Well hopefully next time you’ll get 4.

Someone got a Mythic from only 1 event key… (PS4) lucky for them. After this I went back to spending my keys as soon as they reach 200. Not wasting my time saving anymore.

Give the RNG the guillotine!

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