Rethink The Underworld/Delves Portals

This is more of an observation and minor complaint.

Last week I had 500+ portal shards and have been slowly playing my way around the Delves.

I have a significant better chance at getting Common/Rare/Ultra Rare troops from chests than I do getting the Faction Common/Rare/Ultra Rare troops from portals.

For example I ended of at least one of the 10 portals 9 treasures and 1 troop. And 4 of those were Gold Rings. Gold rings do me no good when a Delve is at 100+…

Given these troops also count against the main kingdom the faction is part of it, I ask to have at least the common/rare faction troops be put into the Gold and Glory Chests so we can get 100 copies :slight_smile: or at least a way to forge them.

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Yes but actually no?

Sure, the shown drop rate is better from chests BUT the drop rate for any specific troop is diluted by the dozens (even hundreds) of troops in that rarity tier, in contrast to Faction portals with only 1 or 2 Troops per rarity.

e.g. if a Chaos Portal drops a Legendary Faction troop only 3% of the time then at least I know (with certainty) that in Fire Rift the 3% will always be a Magma Dragon, compared to say a 2% Legendary drop rate from Gem Chests with NO guarantee exactly which of the 50+ applicable Troops I’d be getting.

(Also, the drop rates from Chaos Portals have a roughly 2:1 ratio between each tier providing less skew towards lower rarity tiers than Chests do)

Not to mention that allowing Faction troops to be acquired via normal chests would largely defeat THE WHOLE POINT of even having Faction Delves at all.

Crafting recipes … again, don’t want to make this “easier” than Faction Delves but I could see it being an option during Faction Assault events. And the recipe would at minimum need to require a quantity of Chaos Shards (100?) to craft.

Its the Common/Rare that are the impossible drops. When I get more treasure than troop for a portal, instead of common/rare troops then we have a problem. I am not joking when I say the bottom levels of my troops are all faction troops of common/rare - sitting between 1-9 for number for ascension (who need 100 total) and have been for a YEAR because 1 - I play the faction of the week for that week.
Unlike I can get a ton of different commons from the 18k in my chests - and get all kingdom troops - not just one specific kingdom.
I have for entertainment purposes taken a new weekly offered rare troop and bought 1, to see how long it would take to get enough to at least go up to ultra rare - just from the common/rare chests when the troop gets into that chest. Less than 1 week of pulling at about 1000 keys a day.

I understand that Factions are supposed to be more valuable but then there should be NO commons since that makes those 100 harder to achieve.

There are no common delve troops.

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My mistake

Rares take 90 to get to I get those easily confused with 100 to get Commons. My point still stands. Unlike chests which give you potentially all kingdoms + goodies, delves don’t, but still end up are needed for upgrading kingdoms.

At least with Pets, I can trade in gems for baskets and get more pets and or purchase pets for kingdom upgrades.

And don’t get me started about Gnomes. I am glad they aren’t required for kingdoms (as far as I know) cause almost all of them are common and the HARDEST to Mythic at 190

Mythicing delve troops from portals is only really an issue if you never intend pf them otherwise you need the treasure to raise the hoard so have to open them anyway and to be honest from my experience some I get the legends to x4 mythic first and other’sit the rare. It just the ring.

I must say, Delve troops seem to be overwhelming at first, but after a while you don’t know where to use your shards anymore.

I’m at 1/3 of every faction at 2500, so there’s plenty more to do. But currently all of my delve troops are at 20 with 3 traits and 4 copies. Except 3 or 4 and those that are yet to come (including the new kingdom).

So don’t worry about those troops. Just play the game and maybe use some blue orbs every now and then if possible. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. :innocent: