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Using Gnomes? (noob question)

Hey all - For the first time I received a gnome (Soul Gnome) as a reward in the Treasure Vault. At least on the surface he doesn’t look like the sort of troop I’d bother playing/upgrading, but given the relative rarity I’m wondering if there’s a benefit to actually playing with gnomes. Thanks in advance!

There’s not. Its a trophy.

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Disappointing, but thanks for the info - saved me a bunch of testing


Well, for some people there’s a benefit.

When you put those gnomes on your defense teams, people who don’t yet realize players can use those troops get excited they finally saw a gnome. They also don’t notice there isn’t a treasure bag icon, so they get upset when they don’t get rewards.

Then they file a bug report, and we have to explain what happened, and it’s a big waste of everyone’s time. It’s an exciting consequence of making them collectible troops, one of the devs’ best trolls :wink:

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