Delve 500 faction team suggestions

Level 500 delve with faction team is hard… And that’s an understatement.
Some are possible, with a bunch of luck, such as crypt. Rift is doable with the entangle feature.
Hall of guardians? Near impossible.
How to make it less impossible:

  • make weapon faction part of the troop.
  • make potions available for faction team only (special bonus).
  • use other faction teams on any delve.
  • have faction team gain a bonus when clearing a room (and not just for enemy).

Now I don’t want that particular achievement to be a walk in the park. Just make it less extreme.


Agreed; something needs to change unless the masterplan is for players to spend all faction resources and gold trying to boost the horde to a level which gives them a fighting chance. That costs millions in gold, and even if you have said millions, how do you acquire the colossal amount of high value treasure troops needed to enable boosting? Its impossible to level all faction hordes to 500 already (unless you’ve won the lottery), and more are on the way to spread your meagre resources even thinner. Yes, potions help and permit higher lvl faction team success, but they are transient. Perhaps if what we buy during the event remains afterwards for faction troops? But we badly need high value delve treasure troops to be available elsewhere in the game (coin purse for example is practically worthless); chests for example, and possibly in forge by cashing in souls. Add them to treasure gnome rewards by replacing the souls he still dishes out despite there being a dedicated soul gnome to do that particular job. For now I will just do the all troop 500s, and hope that the event potions will get my faction pets an extra ascension using the faction troops. Beyond that the resources requirements just arent feasible.

You’re touching on something here. The treasure gnome idea is excellent. But its still quite gold expensive to level up.
Maybe they can implement an automatic hoard level up when player reached lv 500 and failed 3 times with faction troop.
The only downside is that it rewards player for losing… But losing to an impossible feat.

It might actually be a cool mechanic that a win with any team at 500 would double the Hoard Bonuses from then on.

That would make both daily delves and Pure Faction runs easier.

And it might even be an easy thing to code! Bonus for the devs :smiley:

I personally love the challenge to get that achievement the harder it is the better it looks on you if you have that achievement

I like the challenge. And even better if you can do it at hoard level 100. But some are just impossible (hog for example). And to level to 200+ to even the odds comes down to grinding and resource sink, not strategy.

I think devs have already made their decision by allowing potions on the faction event night only. They want to make it easier for people to achieve level 500 with pure faction team, but only if you use gems to buy the tiers.

I’m personally in agreement with what some others have said. Most achievements in this game are easy to obtain, and I like that the achievement is really hard. I’ve got 2500 points on 2 factions, so have effectively earned the achievement twice anyway :grinning:

Hold out hope for positive change. Maybe?

For one thing, they could hotfix it so that hoards add triple the magic value and double the attack value. Most faction teams are that underpowered in damage output.

Even then, it wouldn’t solve the low survivability of 25% skull reduction or worse, 0%.


The only challenge in this was not to smash my ctrl into my TV !! Accept that even at hoard level 207 it was completely luck-depended and limited to 3 attempts daily!
Graveseer being useless at level 20 was fun too- enchants strongest ally -himself…awesome…wasnt expecting strongest means most life …
Now with new stuff like potions must almost be easy coz so many reach 500 in events…
I chose the worst possible time- after dragoneye was nerved,there only been 3 factions …this was 1 of the most annoying achievements ever!!
Just like everything in gow the only challenge is to sacrifice the time it takes and not to spend cash !!

I understand the potion thing. But to redo all the lv500 delve just to get a chance for a faction team with potions?
No thank you.
At least give players the option to start delve at current level they are at. And what about the rewards? Well adjust it accordingly.

That said, I very much doubt the feasibility of doing 500 faction with pots. Not talking about primal rift or crypt keepers, but others like hall guardians.

I agree with shadylady. Whilst @TheIdleOne pointed out, potions are/were not originally intended to be the solution to the delve difficulty issue, the colossal amount of gems and time that many have thrown at daily faction events (and new ones) since the potions were introduced, make it difficult for the publishers to ignore the boost in profits. Consequently, I doubt any further changes are likely for the foreseeable future. Achievements should sometimes be more demanding than simply throwing cash at them and sacrificing days of your life. Not much skill in that.

It would be great if you won one in Treasure Hunt based on your total number of moves. Like 60 turns gets you a crown, 100 turns gets you a lamp, 150 a sacred treasure, or something like that. Then all those treasure maps might be worth using…


At the proposed number, it still wouldn’t be worth it lol

But the basic idea is, I think, a decent one!

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This is a great suggestion.
And also if they could lower gold requirement once hoard lv 100 + delve lv 500.

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The hero class from the kingdom should be classed as faction. It’s really that simple. Some we may have, some we might have to wait for.

Example Archer Class - Forest of Thorns - Primal.

I dunno how much easier it may be to complete, it surely will be, but the room lists have been updated with more empowered troops (Dwarven Ale) and stuff like the double Cockatrice room.

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If they allow the hero to count then rather than restrict the class, I think they should restrict the weapon: any class, using the faction weapon only, would count.

I also think there was a really big missed opportunity not to have the second round of mythics tied to factions instead of just the overworld. There inclusion could have really mixed up the options for delving if done right.

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Seeing as how they will only implement a stat boost to delve depending on kingdom level on next update, i dont think this will really cut it.
So here are two more suggestions:

  1. make a ‘survival delve’ for pure faction troops: let troops retain the same stats they had when they cleared a room. Good thing for troops that gained skill points, more challenging if they lost some point. I never understood why troops had their point reset (whether my troops gained skill points or only have a few hp lef), while losing a troop in a room doesn’t revive in the next room. Even transformed troops keep their transformation.

  2. make a potion only shop for regular delve, instead of only appearing for delve event. So with this shop, you can buy potions only, but you cant buy sigils, nor the delve weapon.