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New Epic Troop: Mouth of Zorn The Mouth of Zorn will be available this week for 400 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time. World Event: A Feast for a God There are 6 battles that players can encounter…



The loot table for troops in Grosh-Nak event chests is expected to look like this:

Chance Amount Troop
0.11% 1 Eye of Arges, Gargantaur, Shade of Zorn
3.2% 1 Gar’Nok, Kruarg the Dread, Sol’Zara
12% 1 Bor’Gakk, Brawlmaster Bur’Nakh, Dark Song, Elf-Eater, Fel’Dras, Fist of Zorn, Gor’Thrum, Mouth of Zorn, Rok’Gar the Guardian, Trk’Nala, Vor’Karn, War’Drok
21.6% 1 Drake Rider, Orc Veteran, Wyvern
21.6% 2 Armored Boarlet, Cyclops, Dire Boar, Drake, Summoner, War Wolf
21.49% 3 Armored Boar, Orc

It is unknown whether Eye of Arges is in event chests, will be added later this week or won’t be around at all. As long as there isn’t any official information it’s best to assume it will be missing.

Event chests don’t contain faction troops, guild wars troops, doom troops, tarot cards and special soulforge troops. They have been configured incorrectly in the past. Infinity Plus Two doesn’t compensate for keys wasted due to their mistakes. If you plan to spend a large amount of keys, make sure what you are looking for has already been found by other players.

Edit: Eye of Arges was found in event chests, table updated.


uh oh… No change to the epic trial team? This one is worse than the old Stormheim one…


in-game graphic should show if its available or not after reset. I’m assuming it should, the other recent new mythics have been.

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Spell text: there is the a 35% chance


No worries, you just have to explode a doomskull that destroys two deathmark gems that kill the two summoners in the back on the same turn. I’m sure they’ve run some automated test matches where that worked out once in a billion times.


I’ve reported it thanks!

Update: Mouth of Zorn’s Spell description has been fixed in game now

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The epic trials for Grosh-Nak were easier than I thought, but there’s very little leeway for error. Each death resets your attack buffs…

Drake Rider was still useless as expected, just threw it up front to die. Even then, Brewmaster’s Enrage on death might have been more useful as a first slot…

I don’t know, everything fell right for me and I breezed through.

I’d hate to be non-end game for these epic trials though. The trial team still could have used a Gar’Nok for easier point of access.


Could we get an adjustment for Chiron’s spell text for “Gain Enchantment”?

We don’t have a function for “Enchantment,” only “Enchant”.

Could we also get an adjustment for Fallen Satyr’s spell text for “Removal all Skulls?”

I’m not an expert at the English language, but it should be “Remove all Skulls”.


Two summoners

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What is with this Grosh-Nak team? In the beginning when man discovered fire, I hated PVP, but I grew up, adapted and have gotten better and now it’s one of the most annoying features in this game that I enjoy doing. Really, I like PVP. :grinning:

This monstrosity known as Epic Trials is something I cannot grow to enjoy. Adana, was good, Stormheim, was good, but this Grosh-Nak? Whoever thought it up should go sit in a corner away from civilization and stare at the sun without sunglasses.

I don’t care what the strategy is, I shouldn’t take forever to play features like this on Gems of War. Two summoners for therm!? For us no summoner, at least? What is this? Wasting my time. The pet could help level up my kingdom, but I won’t be getting it. Thanks a lot.

I knew it, cool down mode has ended, oh dear lord :tired_face::confounded:


So you won’t be using a GAP for this?


Cheapest way to level up starry pet here: finish very first epic trial only and purchase extra copies. Then use two small minion orbs to make level 20 pet. Dont waste your time with the rest of trials :stuck_out_tongue:

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Theres a difference between challenging and stupid


Epic Trials should be a skill test, not a stat check. A majority of these Epic Trials are a stat check plain and simple.


Change the Epic Trials! The design is ridiculous. Completing these trials shouldn’t take forever in a match 3 game. I take time from real life to complete something using skills and not letting it being spoon fed to me and because it wasn’t easy. Playing a game should be fun.

Acknowledge the feedback about these Epic Trials, please. The majority of players who have no problem challenging themselves don’t want to waste their time on stupidity.


No. I don’t use GAP on anything other than for Vault Events. For me, it would be a bigger waste to do so.


Now how to delete another post? Already got 3 starry pets its not that bad i keep flip flopping. Should have stuck with my first post

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Just for the record im on level 350. Beta tested for ya it is possible. Recorded on video if anyone needs help

Annndddd completely done 2nd try last battle check my weekly preview for actual recorded proof. Love yas kiss kiss

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As annoying as the “epic trials” are, this one was actually a lot easier than expected. Even with 2 summoners (or actually because of the summons) I needed about 15 minutes for all epic trials together. Especially the last match, where my skull hits killed 3 troops at once.

Not looking forward to next week or the months after though. Every epic trial feels more like an epic sentence …