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Weekly Event (12 Mar) - Couple of Minor Issues

Hi Everyone,

We’re just hotfixing a minor issue with today’s event reset

  1. “Week of Humans” should be “Week of Stormheim”

And I also wanted to let you know about a couple of other minor issues from today

  1. The Sentinel Upgrade popup… if you upgrade your sentinel is then showing the progress back at “1”. If you close and re-open the popup, it fixes itself - it’s a display issue only. We’ve tested, and even if you do upgrade twice by accident, no extra resources are taken.

  2. Some incorrect text (from our next update 3.4 actually) is showing in the Guild League table… implying you get Seal Bonuses for daily login. You will in 3.4! Just not yet in 3.3!


Treasure Gnomes are in the forge - intended?


A fellow guildmate donated to a task and it took the gold but didn’t give the resources for the donation. We suggested submitting a ticket. I assume that’s his only course of action?

Yes, that is correct.

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Thank you @Nimhain

Lol too late I got some

This happened to a few people in our guild too - we get a message saying we aren’t eligible for the rewards because we’ve already collected them in another guild.

@HootyMcOwlFace I’m not sure what message he saw but you shouldn’t see that one . . . . we just reset for the week.

I did too


Exactly - but some members of my guild are still getting that message regardless. I’ve submitted a ticket.

That’s what we suggested as well. And @Nimhain confirmed that up above. Hopefully they sort it quickly for both our guilds. :crossed_fingers:

@Sirrian another issue I just noticed was that I can’t set my defend teams for GW’s.

@Nimhain @Sirrian we have a problem with GW: a new member who joined yesterday, and who was paragon in his previous guild, is now our Paragon for this week (and not soldier)

“New” member of our guild is herald now(took my spot) and i’m not anymore… They should fix that or say it is intended.

In regards to new guild members appearing in guild wars as higher ranks than soldier, we will need to discuss with the team tomorrow, to see if this is something we will be able to fix for you before Guild Wars battles begin.

(It’s a public holiday here today so many of the team is out of the office at the moment).

Thanks. All our members have been demoted of one rank due to that (I was Champion, now I’m Herald)

I’m having a similar problem, game saying I’m not eligible for rewards because I’m “in different guild” even though i have not changed guilds

*Puts a “0” back on the “weeks with a successful weekly update” sign.*

It’s been a VERY bad year. I haven’t even cracked the shrinkwrap on the 3.


Depends how thoroughly you test things… Here’s how I paid 3500 souls & 30 gems to upgrade my magic sentinel to level 3:

  1. At beginning, I had 356,686 souls and 857 gems.
  2. upgraded magic sentinel directly to level 3 - cost is 2000 souls 10 gems
  3. immediately I am offered “upgrade” to level 1 for 500 souls - I accepted it
  4. return to map, shows 354,686 souls and 847 gems (It didn’t take my 500 souls, BUT…)
  5. return to sentinel page - MAGIC SENTINEL AT LEVEL 1 NOW
  6. upgraded from level 1 to 3 - cost 1500 souls 10 gems
  7. immediately I am offered “upgrade” to level 2 for 1500 souls - I accepted it
  8. return to map, shows 353,186 souls and 837 gems
  9. return to sentinel page - MAGIC SENTINEL AT LEVEL 2 NOW
  10. upgraded to level 3 for 10 gems and exited
  11. return to map, shows 353,186 souls 827 gems

START: 356,686 souls and 857 gems
FINISH: 353,186 souls and 827 gems (3500 souls 30 gems less)