Lack of GW Points

Guild Wars is now almost over for those who play on a mobile device. Has anyone received any answers as to how this is going to be dealt with? I was the Paragon this time, and if I hadn’t lost 4,000 points on two different days due to the glitch, I would have been the Paragon during the next GW as well. I bought (and always buy) tier V of each sentinel, so I wasted gems on that. I’m hoping that some sort of an update is offered soon, and I’d honestly rather have my points given to me before placement in the next round of GW than get some gems saying “sorry for the mistake.” Like many others, I’ve spent actual money on this game, so in my opinion, each and every player should be given the points that they lost. I’m extremely frustrated. Also, what about the fact that our guild’s score as a whole went down because of this? I’d really appreciate answers and a reasonable solution as soon as possible. I know it’s “just a game,” but I dedicate HOURS (more like days) to each guild war, always trying to do better than I did in the last one. This was the single most infuriating bug to ever happen to this game.


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