Weapon Affix change: the suffering weapons


By popular demand, exploding gem affix for weapon were changed, and, in general, it’s a great fix.
But, there are always exceptions, and there are a few weapons that were better with the explosions.
I have 3 exemple in mind:
Death Knell, with the extra turn in the spell, the explosion made it a nice useable weapon for cycling team (like goblins). Now it’s back on the bench.

Runeforger. The extra explosion made the weapon more viable in teams while using one less brown troop.

Boom Boom. Made it 4 gem explode instead of 3, making it a more decent Exploder.

My point?
I understand that there is a huge collection of troops, and just a small team of devs, and so it’s easier to apply « blanket fix », changing one aspect of the game across all cards.

But sometimes, it would be nice to see more finesse into these things, like Class trees, or general effect changes like mana generated from explosions.

Like, if you change the « create a gem » affix… it will be great for most of them. But exceptions exist, like Morthani’ s Scythe.

Just my feedback.


Yeah, as was discussed in another topic, it was hasty and heavy-handed to change “all exploding affixes”. It would’ve been much better if the devs sat down and designed each weapon to have beneficial affixes.

Players only complained about a handful of very specific weapons. While it was probably easy to replace the implementation of the specific explosion affixes, I wonder if it would’ve been so difficult to add a new affix and replace the exploding ones on just the highlighted weapons.


Death Knell still feels great as it generates a total of 8 manas (2 for each ally) which is more than a single explosion alone (without cascades) can generates, also if there is a possible 4/5 match on the board and you have Death Knell ready there is no risk that you’ll lose that match and can net more mana gain in the end.

Runeforger feels more thematic granting 2 Manas to all Brown allies, but i agree in this case as the weapon itself makes some explosions. Fixing that would be easy, just makes it Explode 1 Random Gem and 1 extra for each Brown ally and while we are at it some extra damage and stunning the main target of the spell would be just fine.

Boomboom… This weapon sucks in every scenario in my head… But i don’t feel bad about it as much as i feel bad about cool looking weapons like Ice Aegis having the best of their effects locked out by the absence of an enemy Boss.


Here is another list of weapons that some players specifically stop upgrading, because the traits are detrimental to their use (or the player’s preference). Most of these traits are having to do with destroying or creating gems when that isn’t the weapon’s main focus. This often causes board state changes that are unfavorable or uncontrollable.


  • Hot: Destroy a Red Gem
  • Dawn: Destroy a Yellow Gem

Creeping Death

  • Dying: Create a Skull


  • Warm: Create a Red Gem


Hopefully devs are not forgetting about this topic…

There’s a long list of weapons for this topic, but just ran into another one. I was having fun with a tauros team (finally) + Megavore using Primal Axe, when suddenly I realised the axe had not yet been upgraded. I was thinking “sweet, it’s going to be even better now!”

Applied the upgrades, aaaaaaaand it’s useless. The “Destroy 3 Green Gems” affix takes out all the 4-5 matches you could possibly have on green gem creation.


Mind-blowing stuff here. It’s fine for some significant benefit to carry with it a smaller weakness or risk, but no upgrade should ever be a net negative.


Another weapon:

Secrets of the Crypt

  • Bone - Create A Bonestorm (This weapon is about stalling and the slow game, bonestorm is counter-intuitive to this cause)