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Doomed Club Skill 7 breaks it's functionality

The new Doomed Club has the skill Carved: Create a Brown Gem (Skill VII).

This skill breaks the weapon, as it is a looping weapon, but carefully planning the use of it for creating 4 skull matches is rendered useless by the chance of the brown gem being created in the 4/5er skull match you created, breaking the loop.

The created brown gem should either never replace a skull, or you should replace the skill.


I vote in favor of replacing the affix. It’s been a pet peeve of mine for a while that “create a gem” affixes were awarded without considering that advanced players try to retain the turn (i.e. make 4- and 5-matches) whenever possible.


I agree. Just replace bad affix.
With the promise that class change mechanic will be changed in next update, bad affixes are the most annoying part of the game for me. Even after yesterday’s partial fix to them.

The “Explode X Gems affix” were dealt with, the devs should have paid more attention when we were requesting to also get rid of or change the “Destroy X Gems” and “Creat X Gems” in weapons that doesn’t have this effects as part of their spells.

It’s possible they couldn’t do it all at once for this update, but i hope they finish the job in 4.2.5 or 4.3 at worst.

They could change it to “Create a brown gem when matching 4/5 gems”.
Then it would be something nice, that happens afterwards, and it would no longer break the loop.

I think the problem with your suggestion is that all perks work after spell resolution and then any gems created/converted will resolve their matches. The weapons don’t have passive upgrades/affixes, which would allow such upgrade/affix to work, even the ones giving +2/+4 to stats have a trigger at the start of battle pretty much like Leadership traits and such.

And we don’t know why the devs can’t/won’t change upgrades individually on weapons already released, but my theory revolves around code limitations when they created the Upgrade System, so they can’t make these changes without releasing a new Update for the game.

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The explode wasn’t a bad thing, especially being last upgrade
It was very useful as a mana gain if u preferred it
And being the last affix, u could choose without affecting the weapon
But the create a gem especially without the explode, truly is a bad thing

My opinion, make explode the last affix for those weapons and move the current replacement to the create a gem slot