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Why are doomed club and doomed blade still broken

I just cannot believe how long these weapons have been left in a broken state. This issue was first raised in December 2018, and the problem has been reported and acknowledged multiple times in the almost 2 years that have passed.

Leaving them broken just makes it look like the developers don’t care about the game. This is not a problem that requires a difficult fix, it needs one line of the database changed to assign a different upgrade that won’t break the skull creation. Most doomed weapons have level VII upgrades that could just be straight swapped and I don’t even care which ones are swapped, as long as it isn’t one that doesn’t create a gem.

There are many issues in the game, and most are complex. But I’m not asking for those to be fixed. Fixing these 2 doomed weapons doesn’t need testing. It doesn’t need changes to core game mechanics or a whole slew of rebalancing. It just needs one upgrade swapped out for another existing one.

I’m not asking you to fix unlimited summons.

I’m not asking you to fix goblins that take 16 actions in one turn and kill your whole team.

I’m not asking you to fix empowered converters that take all the strategy out of pvp and guild wars.

I’m not asking you to fix the streaky cascades that give the enemy the mana they need despite a storm.

I’m not asking for a fix to webspinner that can one hit kill almost any troop.

I’m not asking for a fix to beetrix that is the all singing all dancing cleansing looping true damage killer and worth more than most mythics.

I’m not asking for balance to delves so that they are achievable at level 500 without tens of hours of play.

I’m not asking for a way for new players to obtain doomed weapons without waiting for years.

I’m not asking for epic task gold requirements to be brought down to a level that is healthy for players’ wellbeing.

I’m not asking for balance changes to all the useless troops, including mythics.

I’m not asking you to stop having 3 concurrent events running which burns out players.

Just. Please. Fix. These. Damn. Weapons.


Agree. Just please fix those weapons.


Please remove Carved and Watery traits from Doomed Club and Doomed Blade.


chunky mono



This might be the smallest thing to ask for too. Im just saying…


It would be so easy. To be fair I’d also like to see almost everything on that list but this would be the easiest.


Because someone on the developer staff is a troll with too much power. 🤷

Well, even that might be a possibility at this stage… :point_up_2:

When I started playing this game I was advised not to fully upgrade a number of weapons until a fix was implemented. I assumed such a trivial issue would get the necessary half an hour of developer attention and went ahead and upgraded those weapons anyway. That was 1.5 years ago.

It feels as though issues brought up by the community fall into one of two categories for the developers:

“That’s just a bandaid fix and we’re not doing those.” or “That would take too long to implement and our time is better spent elsewhere.”

Just sad.


Maybe devs do not have ideas how to fix these weapons? Just some suggestions.

For Doomed Blade: replace “Watery” with “Tidal (submerge myself)” or “Prosperous (gain 10 gold)”. These skills belong to other blue weapons.

For Doomed Club: replace “Carved” with “Stunned (stun the first enemy)” or “Draining (drain 3 mana from the first enemy)”. They work well for other brown weapons.


You left out the word quality. They don’t appear to care about the quality of the game. I’m sure they do care about the profitability of the game. Clearly their metrics are not telling them that the former correlates to the latter. These also do not seem to be the type of developers that take pride in their work to the extent that they would fix small issues like these just for the sake of wanting it to be right. So if it isn’t going to bring in more money, it probably isn’t going to get attention.

Just in case they want to prove us wrong…

Myself and others have said this many times already, but two very simple rules for weapon design would solve all of these problems:

1-Do not have an affix destroy any gems of the same type the spell just created.
2-Do not have an affix create any gems of a different type than the spell just created.

Some good suggestions have been made about what the offending affixes could be replaced with.



Apparently, it is ‘less bad’ development practice to let customers deal with poorly designed weapons for years.
:relaxed: :vulcan_salute:


Better a bandaid than bleeding from an open wound for 2 years.


The best thing to do is the right thing. The second best thing to do is the wrong thing. The worst thing to do is nothing at all


There is so many wounds currently too. 200-300 troops is screaming for a buff as well. But you gotta take the responsibility and start out somewhere…

The real problem with these weapons not that they have a create gem upgrade, but that these upgrades have a flawed implementation and always chooses a converted doom skull to turn it into a mana gem.
But I agree a different upgrade would be better.

All they have to do is create a doom skull instead.
It’s literally a no brain (just :skull:) solution.

So them not doing it isn’t lack of time, isn’t lack of money, isn’t lack of ability… It’s sheer want. They don’t want to change it. So they don’t. 🤷

They saw the design flaw and how it made them look dumb so they prevented it from happening again.

But enjoyed the fact that it pissed people off and gave the AI a higher chance of winning due to the back fire nature. So here we are 2 years later. Without them bothering to fix Doomed blade or club. While stating the absolute most worthless excuse not to change something ever “it’ll upset some folks while making others happy”. - that excuse can literally be said about any change.


That is one of the most hilarious responses I have ever seen. Its almost like it was her first day when she said it. Their unethical behavior and laziness Is 2nd to only one Game Publisher/developer, EA.

I’m pretty sure the only reason these existed in the first place is because the designer, implemented, and programmer were on different pages on how they would work (the same way as a lot of the initial affixes, including the initial exploder affixes being on a bunch of random match-generating weapons as well as all of the doomed weapons). I have always considered these particular affix designs with these weapons more “bugged” than “bad design” because of this. Again, these two weapons are unique in outliers in that they can interrupt matches that were otherwise guaranteed by the board state in which the weapon was cast, and its two colors out of the six color set that do this.

The most frustrating part is repeatedly trying to convey this and getting them lumped together with not only every other weapon that has a create-a-gem affix but every other weapon that some players just don’t like for whatever reason. These two weapons affixes randomly break their primary function if you upgrade them past plus 6. They are different from the others. They can be easily “fixed” by swapping out for affixes that don’t do that. Sure, it would be nice if there was an ultimate solution to “maybe everybody doesn’t like these affixes”, but no other weapon and affix combinations are as fundamentally broken on these two weapons. No other weapon has a known extra-turn outcome before a decision was made and then has the affix inject noise-randomness to sometimes not give the extra turn after the spell is cast. (Edit: as pointed out, Eternal Flame does fit this, but this is neither as prevalent nor as powerful as Doomskull converters, nor is it intended to be color-balanced, so my other points still stand)

To recap, it is incredibly frustrating that:

  • The dev team doesn’t seem to “get” why these weapons are different and as belonging to a class that is otherwise among the most powerful weapons in the entire game why leaving them broken is still bad.
  • There is a huge disconnect between fixing these two weapons being referred to as a “bandaid fix”, when applying said fix actually does solve this particular problem, completely and fully, because these weapons are different from the rest of the “bad affix decision” weapons
  • All claims of the amount of effort required to “fix the issue” only make sense if you look at them from a lens of “review and fix every weapon in the game independently” when repeatedly these two affixes being on these two weapons are singled out as outliers in why they are a problem being left like this

If you’ll excuse the mixed metaphors, I think it is time to rip the bandaid off and apply that bandaid.


Eternal Flame has Astral which can break an ET :-1: .

All these affix could be changed to “Give 2 color mana” which would work like taking gems (so the mana goes to the 1st troop of the good color).

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Eternal Flame (create a yellow gem on a red gem creator, Razorclaw (especially bad, create a doomskull and destroy 3 random gems on a mixed creator), and Darkshot (destroy 3 random purple gems on a purple gem creating weapon) are also really bad offenders of things.

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True, but it is nowhere near the same level of risk that has to be assumed if you cast either of the Doomed weapons while unlocking an affix. It is also a niche pick, not meta-central, and doesn’t have 5 off-color clones that do the same thing while holding this one back with a broken affix.

Eternal Flame is a problem, but the Doomed weapons are outliers in just how bad their upgrades make their respective choices. Thats why they and they alone need fixes pushed without needing a “universal solution”.

Razorclaw and Darkshot don’t have a known outcome before you cast it without the affix that the affix takes off the table. They are also bad offenders because the affix steps on what you want them to do, but the Doomed weapons are different for the reasons mentioned.

These weapons are never going to get fixed if everything keeps getting lumped together. Yes, a bunch of these are bad, but the doomskull converts having this affix this would be like a bug affecting, say, Enraged Kurandara, that randomly makes it kill your entire team when you cast it after unlocking its traits. Except a lot more people have the doomskull converter doomed weapons that E. Kurandara. And theres a bunch of different cross color options for them.