Doomed Mistake?

When Doomed Weapons first came out, the last affix would explode gems. This was changed eventually since it caused a lot of people to lose their extra turns.
Now I’m looking at Doomed Codex +8 affix, and can’t help but think it’s going to be the same issue again. The gems and skulls will spawn. I’ll see a 4 or more match. Lightning will kick in and take away my extra turn.

Doomed club, doomed blade, and doomed Codex.

3 doomed design upgrades that are literally doomed for players…doomed dev… This shouldn’t be this dooming difficult. Please use more Doom’n sense. :grinning:


Yes, the same issue again - ‘Stone’ affix will destroy brown gem and will take away extra turn. And it only affects brown weapon from the new set of Doomed weapons - all other weapons have ‘Create a storm’ affix instead of ‘Destroy gem’.
A few months ago Sirrian and Nimhain said on Q&A that they will stop adding harmful affixes. Not happening. Old harmful affixes are still present and we will receive more :frowning:


Can you make a bug report about this or just change the category? You just confirmed what I was suspecting. Doomed weapons should get fixed, or we are all doomed!

Lightning affix doesnt explode gem tho

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Stone is the bad upgrade, it destroys a random brown gem.


Of course it doesn’t. Lol
Ugh… I’ll leave the OP as is though and have the comments just address the actual issue then.

No, the weapon isn’t out yet so it’s in the appropriate category. And definitely not a bug.

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I’ve stopped using Blade and Club after several Watery/Carved ai “placements” not only broke up a four/five match, but threw the battle after the ensuing enemy cascade. I still put them on a few defense teams, as I figure the ai wouldn’t cheat itself.


Is it possible that Taran made a mistake here?

Taran doesn’t make judgement or fill in data by hand. Everything displayed by the site is the result of parsing data files. The only reason for it to be “wrong” is if the devs change the data before release, which happens from time to time. It’s not like they’re being mean, but we are looking at prerelease data. They could be playtesting, or they could be hiding the “real” stuff by putting the wrong affixes on it at first. There have been a few cases where complaint threads like this happened and the troop changed a little before release. The devs didn’t comment on if their changes were in response, but it still makes threads like this seem useful.

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This weapon is definitely a doomed mistake. Not only does this still have a destroy a random brown gem, it just doesn’t work well when brown enemies start dying and it has nothing worth casting for.

Well, people have no excuse not to max 4 of the 6 doomskull weapons now…


I don’t think the Doomed Codex upgrade is as bad as the Doomed Club. With the Doomed Club you were expecting an extra turn but with the Doomed Codex the extra turn was a coinflip to begin with and you knew that before casting. Destroy a brown gem has the potential to actually cause an extra turn where there wasn’t one. But yes it could ruin an extra turn too. It’s a coinflip weapon.


Yeah, this was my biggest thought on this series of weapons since they are previewed. Unrealistic to get regularly get the conditions where the weapon is even usable, and even when it is, it fizzles out as the battle continues, making it kind of a bad choice to bring most the time anyways. That, and it being scatter damage based, making it scale extremely poorly already. It might have seen more use if it was (color) allies instead of (color) enemies… extremely hard to use in most cases, yes, but still something you could form a consistent strategy around in some situations, like with potions.

I honestly don’t even think it would be that overpowered if it were “(color) allies and enemies” and still had a x6 boost ratio… that pretty much isn’t going to get seen on the player side outside of full brown defense on brown guild wars days, where you’d be giving up an empowered advantage on defense. Hell, we know its possible to limit spawns based on conditions, it could easily be “Create a mix of 6 (color) gems and skulls for each (color) ally or enemy (max 24)”. All things considered, that still pretty much makes each of them just a bootleg Wild Queen except for the ones that happen to get good affixes because it was “thematic” for their color… and by the looks of it, each gets exactly one status affix, so green and blue look ok, because the mitigate the inevitable catastrphoic miss, but thats about it.

As for the Stone affix, yeah, it was probably a mistake, considering the other doomed tomes in the spoiler data all have a very cookie cutter progression and each have storm upgrades in the 9/10 spot, and all these storm upgrades are named similarly (eg., light, dark, leaf, fire, ice) so it is very easy to see how whoever was in charge of locking this in selected “Stone” instead of “Dust”. But its probably “too late” to correct.


Oh jeez, I didn’t even look at the other ones or consider this. That’s painful to think about.

I would happily settle for color allies only as well. At least that way, I can start making a team around it that works more often than just situationally.