Weapon Affix change: the suffering weapons

Or even, “Weapon Affixes a-need-a fixes! Yahoo!” :man_mechanic::mushroom::it:

I don’t feel strongly enough to fight for this one but it’s another problem that fits the dumb pattern of GoW issues.

  • It’s been around since its feature was introduced.
  • It can be detected before implementation by a player.
  • The devs don’t understand the problem even after it’s explained to them.
  • It takes 6+ months to get a partial change that has nothing to do with what the players asked for and makes it something between “worse” and “an effort was made”.

It was only changed because they couldn’t fix the bug attached to it. So we got the change because it was game breaking… Not because it was requested.

New players facing Dawnbringer in the arena = changed because of people quitting the game over it.

Class change fee = changed because new hero classes released monthly and leveling them up is tied to Kingdom leveling.

Those are just off the top of my head.

Weapon affixes isn’t going to cause anyone to quit the game. (So long as they don’t lose 4 extra turns every match due to it.)

What I’ve learned after having a love/hate with the devs the past 2+ years.
QoL changes aren’t quality of your life changes. It’s Quality of the Game’s Life changes. Meaning, they think something is losing them money. They’ll fix/change it so that they make money money from it. I’m not criticizing the strategy. They have to make money some way. The servers and staff do not work for free. It just so happens to be a free to play game.
So my advice…
Say “Hey, I’m vip 11 and I’m not going to spend any more money until the weapon affixes actually make sense for that weapon and don’t hinder the player in anyway.” And more importantly than just saying it. Actually do it.
Why are daily tasks going away? Because only 1/5 of the player base is actually doing them.
I’m not saying stop using weapons. I’m saying get enough folks to stop spending money because of the weapon upgrades and it’ll become more of a priority. That simple folks.

This post makes me mad and I don’t understand why so I’m just not going to pay attention to the angry. You’re making good points, just for some reason my brain reads it as a very polite “shut up”.

I guess it’s because the point of this thread is “raise awareness about weapon affixes that are detrimental” and your conclusion seems to be “you should make a thread in which you air your grievances”. Several steps ahead of you, buddy. Someone did it in December 2018.

Reviving an old topic to add Eternal Flame to the list. A weapon that creates red gems, only to turn one into yellow afterwards through its Astral affix/upgrade, regularly breaking your 4-5 match.