We should have Live battles in PVP and Arena Tournament


We should have real time battles in PVP and arena. We should have a arena tournament faceing off with everybody have it setup like pvp we get points on wins and lose points on defeats but like PVP ranks the highest rank be Arena Champion have ranks like Champion, Legionare, BoneCrusher, MadDog. Ranks like that and get rewards at the end of the week like we do in PVP. And have it automatically generate fair teams on both sides real players battle each other so it don’t get boring. Have a area looking like a arena have teampaired fairly by rank or kingdom power and have like 30 vs 30 guild against guild one at a time why the rest wait there turn in the barracks. Or instead of guild vs guild anyone could fight just teamed up fairly by kingdom power or rank. Basically have the ability to have guild battles or random players battle each other. On second thought it be better to pair up players randomly and have it automatically pair up teams fairly.


This have been requested many times, and honestly could probably be done, but then there are people who can’t stand certain teams being (badly) played by the A.I so imagine how things would unfold if it was a true PVP…


This gets suggested like every few months and then shot down with very good arguments as to how that would be complete bollocks in a game like this without fundamental changes to the game itself, and every now and then even a Dev sticks their head in one of those threads to announce that they have no plans at this moment to implement a feature like this.
So…yeah that’s that.


What if this game became a CRPG?
What is this game became a MMORPG?
What if Salty gave up coffee?
What if the devs dropped the 50 gem cost for class change?
What if the devs nerf Ubastet?
What if Salty got married?
What if _____________________? (fill in the blank.)


what if tacet is actually sirrians mom.


Mostly it would be: He who goes first wins.