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Different pvp concept, an idea

First to say I’m not a native English speaker so apologies for grammar mistakes up front :slight_smile:

What do you think about 2 players,real,live ones, simultaneously battle vs 3rd player or a mega boss controlled by ai whose troops would respawn after you kill’em all? Battles would be time limited and scoring would be determined similar as in gw. Troops killed, number of your survived troops, damage dealt/received, number of turns, mana collected.
Starting board would be the same and same sky drop gems (if both players make the same move, same gem order would drop,the same predetermined gem drops for both dependent on what part of the board you make the match, i hope you know what i want to say :slight_smile: )
Let’s say battle would last for 3,5,7 mins, different offers, or 1,3,5, so you would know how long before the start of battle. This concept would prefer skill and tactic before lucky ai 'cause both players would face the same,equally lucky ai.
Just a wild idea, nothin more to say for now :slight_smile:
How does it sound to you at first?

It sounds like it could be interesting. One bug issue with real time fights is that, at least on xbox, unless you have an xbox live gold membership it wouldn’t be possible. Man f2p games my son and i can’t play, even certain modes in minecraft he can’t play til we get one. If they could implement it without needing to have gold for the whole game, just this mode, i suppose it would be feasible if they had a large enough playerbase for it. If i had one something like that would be interesting. I believe different versions of this have been knocked around on here in the past. Other issue, what if one of the players has to stop and do something else? Does the whole battle pause? I guess it would have to, but for how long? If you took out the live simultaneous part, and just let guild members try to beat the boss or something like that it could be cool. Real time opens up a whole can of worms i’m not quite sure would be the best thing for the game right now with the other bugs, lag etc. Just my opinion. Still, kudos for the cool ideas :slight_smile: