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Live Fight btw Players

I thought this will make the game even more interesting to play!! A room where players can fight live (if possible) with specific rewards…

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Starting out the battle is such a huge adventage that I doubt it would be any fun. Start out 2nd and be prepared for a lose.


While I’m not against the idea in principle, the kind of changes this would require to both gameplay and client/server architecture are daunting and would have to be made very carefully so as not to impact the successful formula currently in place.


Live fight happens in game chat all the time and then the mean devs put a stop to it :frowning:


then , lets play 3 set matches , like in tennis

So the one that start out the 3rd match wins?

no , start the 3rd , player who did most damage in 2 first sets , very simple rule

and starting the game is obviously advantage , but never garanty victory … it happens to everybody to lose games even if you start first move , dont you think ?

It wouldnt be fun for me at least. But I have no problem you and other would have liked it.

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i completely agree

i want the possibility to play this amazing game with my friends , live !

I am not gonna stop you for having that wish.

Here i am :grin::v:

This question has been asked and answered some months ago i a dev stream. The Engine would not be made for it and it would be too extensive to modify it.
Don’t know if this status changes as longer the game is running successfully…

I really disliked having to wait on my opponent deciding on their moves in games like Hearthstone, and I would hate it here too… I’d rather not spend half or more of my playing time waiting instead of playing myself, but maybe that’s just me :thinking:


Hey, nice to met you @Live :rofl:

In the beginning I thought it was live. Arena was very stressful. I figured my opponent was having to wait for me to read my troops.


Real time pvp has been discussed over and over. I really don’t think this game is suited to it. Four years nearly in, looks like the devs agree with me.

I totally agree with you. Or sitting and waiting for an opponent to show up.

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It’d be interesting to see, but practically pointless.

Game infrastructure would need to be overhauled, massively.
1st turn advantage.
Players taking forever to decide on a move.

I’m sure there are more reasons.

If, and this is a big if, it could be done in a way that addresses these issues, then I’d like to see something like this trialled in a seperate mode.

Don’t mean to misquote, but I believe Sirrian said if they did live matches then it would be in Gems of War 2.

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