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Real time live PVP

This is what this game needs and deserves. It can be great, with current state of pvp it will die eventually. pvp is very weird now, but i understand that some ppl wouldn’t want to see it replaced. Just add it as additional mode, as it was promised. People have been waiting so long already :slight_smile:

I am basically bumping the old thread. come on…

Can you quote a dev, where they promised this? Because this never happened.

The game here is not made for a real-time PvP. It would need a complete codechange or a own game for that.

So my guess is, that this will never happen, even when I would wish this mode myself too.

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The dev opinion has always been strongly against this.

If you really think about it, you should be strongly against this too.

The reason you can win in PvP is you always go first. That gives you a huge advantage. My PvP teams can often win on turn 1.

Imagine that happens to you. You sit in matchmaking for 30s-1 minute. You load the game for 30s-1 minute. The opponent has the first turn. They think for 30s-1 minute. Then you watch them make a series of moves that kills 3 of your troops over the next 45s.

Will you be happy if that happens 5 times? You spent 4-5 minutes, which is generally 4-7 PvP matches today, watching loading screens and an animation of yourself losing. That’s not fun.

If GoW changes dramatically to a more slow and strategic game it might work, but as-is I think live PvP would make the playerbase move away en masse. We need stupid AI for this game to be fun.


Live PvP would be the end of the game. No one wants to waste 5 minutes per match.

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Live PvP would also very impractical and you would probably always play the same opponents. Think it through for a moment :thinking:, the game is played worldwide, this means there are places where it’s night and the people are asleep and other places where it’s day. How great is the chance you ever gonna play players approx. 12 hours away from you? :thinking:
If PvP would go live chances that you play several times the same player are very big, and then it’s gonna be “PvP bores me because I play very often the same player” :roll_eyes:
And what Slypenslyde wrote is also true,



Actually, the issue with the current PvC is that you are still playing with the same set of opponents, and that is boring.

The idea of bringing PvP to the Real time is very good, especially if it will be though over and had better rewards in comparison to the actual PvC. The gist is not to remove PvC - let it be, but make additional game mode (substituting for example the buggy Arena). Those who prefer playing PvC will still be playing PvC, those who want to have some challenge will be battling in PvP.

As an example of the algorithm of Realtime PvP:

  1. Opponent search will be 10-20 seconds - that will eliminate the too much of being idle;
  2. Opponent’s team score should match the one of yours - that will counter the possibility of beating the kids and vice versa;
  3. In the beginning of the match there will be “Head or Tail” played to define who starts first - that will eliminate the whining about not starting first - it is always a chance;
  4. There is a time limit for the turn for each player - that will limit the PvP match to 3-5 minutes. Anyways if it is longer - it will be more fun;

As for the “same players” - I told that before. Playing PvC right now I’m picking the rightmost team and there always the same bunch of 10-13 teams and players, which is a total boredom.

P.S. And by the way, I’ve noticed that the forum has some issue with organized lists, they should be ol, pre, ul { margin: 15px 10px; }