We need more Bleed effects!

Bleed is a really fun effect and I’d love to build a team around it, but I have like no characters or weapons that have it! Am I just missing the necessary troops? What are some good troop/weapon team combinations based around this effect? Also, we need more troops/weapons that make use of it!

Just these troops:

There’s one weapon. And Essence of Evil, technically, but that’s applying everything. And Magnus and Luna can randomly apply it.

Other than the Fangmoor troops up there, the only real addition would be Curse to prolong the bleed, which is another list entirely.

Oooh, fang moor! That’s one I haven’t delved a lot! I’ll get in on that and see what I can dig up! Do you know the name of the weapon that causes bleed?

“Bloodthirsty Axe” - its the tier 4 weapon reward in Fangmoor events (or forged during an event).

And I shoulda put that down in the first post. *shrug*

(Note that you don’t have to do anything in particular in that faction except spend Chaos Shards there, doesn’t matter how you got said Shards.)