We need a guild personal/private message system

We could really use a way to contact guild members personally within the game. It would make it easier to get in contact with quiet hard to reach members.

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Most people use Discord, Line, email, Facebook, or any of a dozen other solutions to this problem. This worked even before the chat update!

Most guilds that don’t want quiet, hard-to-reach members make participation in the chat mandatory. If they’re not meeting reqs and aren’t making up for it with sea shanties and saucy jokes, cut 'em.

A lot of people don’t like to socialize or use their personal accounts. If the game just added a personal/private message button, guild leaders would be able to send personal messages to a member making sure they know important information or a member can message the guild leader about something that is too personal for chat. Many people play the game for fun and relaxation, not to socialize, so they never use chat. Which is fine if they are doing the guild requirements.