Time to request it once again: PM System, please

The existence of an ingame chat proves, that it is possible to write messages on one account and read it on another.
The existence of a mail system proves, that it is possible to receive messages personally.
The existence of system mails proves, that it is possible to include custom texts in those messages.

For over seven years, a feature to write ingame mail messages to other members has been asked for again and again. Other multiplayer games are able to do this (and you would even have trouble to find one, where it is not possible). This forum is able to do this.
If this is about moderation, limit it to guild members at least.

I’ll take this over the next dozen “improvements” and “more contents” combined.

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Knowing this game, each message would have to be sent via carrier pigeon that costs gems to use

As hard as it is sometimes to give those guild members a nudge, who don’t read into the chat… I think even a light postal fee could still be acceptable. First five per month for free, every following one 1 gem; still a vast improvement that I would be happy about.

At very least, guild owners being able to mass-DM their guild would be massively beneficial.

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From 2017:

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