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GM to Member Mail Notification

I know the topic of in game Private Messages has come up several times, something that would be amazing to have but not sure its in the cards for us. not sure why, if this is too much effort or maybe it could cause way too much in game spam :man_shrugging:

It is still really important for GMs as part of guild management to be able to privately contact a member for any number of reasons. Generally if its something negative its much better to do so in a private message rather than publicly in guild chat where the member is likely going to feel more attacked.

Iā€™m thinking that we could get something like this with minimal impact on the developers or game ecosystem if we could have PM from GM or Rank2 through the Guild Admin menu only to members in your guild. the message could use the existing mail system, everyone actually checks their mail to get rewards. to reduce complexity this could even be a one way message, however a 2 way communication would be nice to have.


Every improvement to the messaging system in game would be great. We have members from countries where discord is blocked and we can only use game chat to contact them, so if we get too many lines in game they can lose part of the discussion.