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We need a group chat option in game

It is difficult to chat out in global chat (on ps4 atleast) and not offend someone. I understand that sometimes global chat gets a little wild but even when just talking about our opinions someone gets offended. I would personally like to see the 999 channels turned into a private group chat option. I understand that some channels should stay for other languages but everyone being thown into one channel there is bound to be hurt feelings or offended people with any topic we chat about. No one wants to offend anyone but there is no where else in the game that we can chat and still be able to see who is in global unless you are in guild chat and everyone can’t be in the same guild. Not offending people is important to the game but so is freedom of speech! If private group chats were placed in the game there wouldn’t be so many people chatting in global (where everyone can see) that could offend others there for less chat banning and less moderation. I believe the community would be even better then it is.

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I love the idea! People should be able to talk to others, of who they want that’s not in just a guild chat! Group of friends could talk to each other! People could recruit easier, this is a great idea and I think it would help the game very much!


That sounds good and everything but, isn’t that what PSN group chats/parties/messages are for or PSN Communities?

Personally the only think I find wrong with PS4 chat is no spell check, and every time I’ve pmed the devs asking for it I get ignored, so idk?

I understand that there are other ways of getting together like voice chat and communitys and pms But My family uses the same account therefor we have all that stuff not allowed. The only thing that I am in is the community’s but you still have to back out of Gow to get to it. Same with pms. It’s just easier on the players to have group chats instead of 999 channels.


I agree Misty.


Yeah, going back and forth from game to ps4 msg chat is a pain in the butt too.

I understand it might be a lot to ask but it’d be a one fix rather than having admin/mods sitting there watching us all like babies. We could still play and quick chat, but, how we wanted. Half of the community gets upset of the smallest of things and the drama/fallout is ridiculous. As Misty said, people will get offended easily so let them keep global for general chat/recruiting.

Like a lot of us 30yrs+ people who sit and play this day in day out, it’s become a bit of a minefield when trying to have a laugh for me. Chat is a huge part of the game now for people that have been here so long, we would love some freedom/privacy.

I’m all for using one of the 998 channels available but people still wish to see global for recruiting etc.

Help us out, devs! We’ll love you long time :wink:

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And yes, Misty; it would no doubt be a stronger/happier community for it.

It’s pretty great already but, the choice of knowing what group chat you’re getting into would help those people out who cant tolerate certain humor.

Think it would save the company monies from employing mods too, lol…

Seeing good friends getting chat banned isn’t fun at all, especially when they aren’t saying anything unpleasant. sigh fingers crossed.

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