In game global chat ps4

Sorry if this isn’t the best place to post this. Taking a shot in the dark. Please move if there is a more appropriate location.

On the ps4 when you log in it defaults to global channel 001. This is the default everything channel.

I know any channel can be used for anything but would you consider either having an announcement bot that does a general channel announcemnt once an hour or possibly when you join global 001 a list of the common use channels to help the community?

Just trying to find the best way to help the community. Many have been helped with channel lists like this and many are greatful. Some people are unhappy with anything but 001 being used. Sometimes 001 is helpful and sometimes not.

Any developer feedback on this would be appreciated. Thank you for the great and enjoyable game.

Here is a list of the channels that have at least mild usage that I have come accross. (Going from memory currently so sorry if any are incorrect or have changed)

001 - global default everything channel
100 - german
200 - Spanish
300 - French
333 - honor trading
400 - Italian
500 - russian
777 - guild recruitment and advertisement
900 - portugese

Edit was moving topic from bug to feature request.